[ESTP] Instagram personality test MBTI correlations ( ESTP)

Instagram personality test MBTI correlations ( ESTP)

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This is a discussion on Instagram personality test MBTI correlations ( ESTP) within the ESTP Forum - The Doers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Kept seeing this test on my Instagram and finally decided to take it and see if it would match my ...

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    Instagram personality test MBTI correlations ( ESTP)

    Kept seeing this test on my Instagram and finally decided to take it and see if it would match my mbti type. I got Maverick and they even have me a theme song haha. Curious to what you guys get on this, and if there are similarities or not amongst ESTPs or any other type.

    Here's the test: https://www.yourperxona.com/

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    Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 12.40.31 AM.jpg

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    Jovial, yeah it fits I think. Use the wonders of life until you're dead. There's little time.

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    Let's face it, you're the smartest person you know.

    Theme Song: Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science

    4 Core Values

    Curiosity: Most of us gradually lose curiosity as we age, but yours only grows stronger. Almost everything interests you, your YouTube history is most likely filled with random yet informative videos on a variety of subjects. Since you never stop asking questions, you either know it all or are in the process of getting there.

    Independence: You enjoy conversing with others, but its essential for you to get some alone time to reflect and think about whats currently on your mind. You don't feel the need to always go out with a group, especially when you could be exploring new ideas or reading a book. After all you'd much rather stay at home and practice your Nobel prize speech.

    Logic: To you almost every situation can be broken down to a cause and effect, you enjoy this mental process and find it very stimulating. You prefer to look at facts rather than emotion or other biases when coming to conclusions.

    Theory: Playing with ideas and concepts is one of your favorite hobbies. Its about seeing all the different angles and possibilities and always being open to new information.

    A lot of tests I take seem to overestimate my Ti-ish qualities. I see some of myself in these results, but certainly not to this extent.

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    Maverick (Rebel)

    Fierce and uncompromising,you achieve your goals through sheer willpower and originality.

    Theme Song: Cant Tell Me Nothing - Kanye West

    4 Core Values

    Boldness: You are a seasoned risk taker, things that make others tremble couldn't get a flinch out of you. Instead of waiting for handouts, you take what you want. You focus on positive outcomes and ignore the dangers.

    Freedom: You are essentially an untamable horse, you need free range. You aren't a fan of authority trying to control you, this made you very popular in your high school principals office.

    Innovation: You don't conform to social norms that don't fit your script. Most people fear deviating too far from the group, but you actually enjoy being a black sheep. You can come up with creative & original ways of doing things resulting in new trends or fads.

    Tenacity: No matter how high the adversity you rarely give up.Your persistence in achieving your goals no matter what, can rub gentler types the wrong way, but that doesn't really bother you, does it?

    Either I use too much Se for a typical ISTP (probably attributed to the strong 8 fix in my tritype) or I really overestimated my abilities to be bold with bravado.

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    Your friends wouldn't dare to start the party without you.

    Theme Song: Smooth Operator

    4 Core Values

    Enthusiasm: You light up the room with a joke and smiles for everyone. Your enthusiasm is so contagious it could resurrect a graveyard . You bring the necessary zest and energy to make outings memorable.

    Adventure: You're always down for a random trip or detour. You're eager for new, exotic experiences and will bring anyone in your vicinity along for the wild ride

    Sociability: You genuinely enjoy being around other people. Everywhere you go you probably know at least one person, and they know its going to be a good time when you're around.

    Confidence: You are the first to act in social situations. You come across as friendly and interested, which seduces the even mightiest hermits out of their shell. A master storyteller, party goers are entranced and hang off your every word.

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    Maverick (Rebel)


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