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This is a discussion on ESTP Fashion? within the ESTP Forum - The Doers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Originally Posted by TreeBob This question has been posed to me. Do ESTP have any fashion sense? My immediate response ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TreeBob View Post
    This question has been posed to me. Do ESTP have any fashion sense? My immediate response is no, but I think we possess what is needed to dress well and match colours etc... I personally don't really care much about styles or the latest fashions. If my girlfriend wants to take me out shopping for clothes and dress me up all nice then sure I will oblige, but do I need to go to RW&Co versus Sears? If it is just me shopping then Sears wins I do look pretty good ini the fancy clothes though.

    This is a famous Canadian fashion designer and ESTP too boot.

    So go ahead and give me your opinion on this subject fellow ESTPs!
    of course ESTPs have fashion sense. hence the Se.
    I'm not excessive with my appearance but I always keep myself clean.
    sometimes I come off more artistic than I really am.
    and sometimes I just don't give a damn about how I look. so I'll just wear something more simple. but will still look presentable.
    enough to look attractive.
    and I don't really care about brand names but I do think they are cool also. just don't care much about it.

    I'd like to be unique rather than blend in.
    but not stand out too much unless I have a purpose. such as going to an event.
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    Fashion? Yeah I like that. But I'm not so comfortable with casual fashion type. I like to be seen as a bold person. Wear a jeans, boots, classic hairstyle, yeah I really like it. And to be noted, there are no one can advice me about fashion. Because I'll found it myself hahaha

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    I like grey with purple/black shirt suits or blue suites.

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    I definitely put a lot of thought into my clothing. I aim for practicality first, then looks.

    For example, we're going to leave the house and I have to pick out clothes for myself and two kids. The first thing I need to know is what the weather is going to be like. Low humidity, 60s, clear, & calm. I would choose long sleeves and pants for everyone, no jackets. Although it's rare that I don't bring a jacket for myself in case of an emergency and I had to be outside for an extended period of time. From there I will choose outfits that are appropriate to where we're going. The regular schedule is the kids go to grandma's house and I go to work. Grandma's is muddy and the kids go outside barefoot, so they wear play clothes. They don't have to match perfectly, but they must at least have matching socks and the colors of their clothes can't clash so much that it literally hurts me. Yes, it can. I promise you, it can. I have made my husband and children change more than once because I couldn't look at them without cringing... I work in an office environment where the temperature isn't usually what I want it to be. If it's hot out, it'll be hot inside; if it's cold, it'll be chilly. So I try to bring a lightweight piece that I can put on or take off as-needed. I try to match well as it is a professional environment and I have to see myself all day.

    I've considered pursuing a career in some sort of fashion - but who am I kidding, where haven't I considered a career??

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    I love wearing business suits in my official days.

    My more casual wear is a leather jacket, black combat pants, a belt and a t-shirt with something I like. My hair is currently short and swept-back. Elvis style maybe?

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    I wear makeup everyday, even if I am not working, Literally won't go to the front door without makeup. I don't think I am horribly insecure, just want to always be seen in the best possible light.

    Always like to look 'put together' but detest being trendy ( Can't and wont keep up with trends - for the sheep) or extreme fast fashion (Rather have great quality and again for the sheep) or designers ( visible logos are tacky, good quality doesn't have to be designer ;)
    Style is casual smart mostly - Age 30s

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