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ESTP vs ENFJ: who has the upperhand socially?

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This is a discussion on ESTP vs ENFJ: who has the upperhand socially? within the ESTP Forum - The Doers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Originally Posted by Selinda This is an old thread, but intriguing. It depends on the objective. ENFJs are better at ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selinda View Post
    This is an old thread, but intriguing. It depends on the objective. ENFJs are better at keeping communities together, but ESTPs are better at persuasion.
    This is what I'm talking about..

    Damn I'm really good at persuasion i swear

    It's my fucking talent

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    I think both.

    Well you cannot compare them as they take socialization way more differently.

    I think with estps they can just talk with anyone basically

    With enfjs i think they're also about a bit choosy on who's to befriend with? I just noticed it.

    It's like estps can befriend just anyone

    While enfjs are kinda selective but they're really fucking awesome in making friends and tying up the connections. XD

    Estps they're not good at tying up the connections like the enfjs does

    Because enfjs usually call you, really make an effort to keep in touch whilst estps be like, hmm. Not really that effortfull probably because they're not Fe-doms.

    But basically socially wise, i think enfjs would win

    I think so. Like quality vs quantity


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    This threads amusing to me I have two closer ENFJ friends

    They are better at having no emotional boundaries. This is what helps them cultivate and attract people. The problem is when they end up in crisis and do not know when to STFU. So they both make friends with ease and generally attract people far more initially. But people can purposely avoid and run down another hall if they see an ENFJ who maybe for example is going through a break up. Because everyone else knows they will hear about it and it will be one of the hardest conversations to exit.

    I wouldn't say I attract people as easy or initial as an ENFJ. But what I would say I can do better at is maybe have a sort of consistency in maintaining myself overall where eventually I can be an acquired taste people appreciate while maybe an ENFJ on the brink could wear people down emotionally and make them run another direction. Eh I don't deal with people hiding from me to avoid my lack of emotional diarrhea. But I definitely do not have that very warm embracing charm they have either.
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    Glorious infp master race!
    you might ask:
    because..... idk. why not?

    (actually i think estps are better. at surviving at least. and that's what matters isn't it? winners write history, and cowards usually.)
    off i go
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    While ENFJs are planning the party, ESTPs are out partying.
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    ESTP. person who wins is the person who can bounce back faster and who cares less. That is the XSTP. ENFJ Has 20 fuck factories and takes a much longer time to get some limits and put other people in their place. That is a mess
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