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This is a discussion on Ask an ESTP... anything... within the ESTP Forum - The Doers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Originally Posted by OfMythAndMajesty Hail, ESTPs! The burning question for today is...what question did you think that I would ask, ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OfMythAndMajesty View Post
    Hail, ESTPs!

    The burning question for today is...what question did you think that I would ask, had it not been for this one?

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    To what extent do you relate to the lyrics of this song?

    Cuz I know my inner SeSe says, "Yes, that's me."

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    Quote Originally Posted by ENIGMA2019 View Post
    lol I unblocked you to read the message... not sure when I blocked you or why Considering you quoted me(I was not aware) ... It was fixed 6 months-year later the first time. I do not recall how.... One of us reached out. It is 50/50 on if I did or they did. It depends on the transgression. My patience and stubbornness at that level would determine the scenario. I would have to have had my boundaries/respect crossed extremely to get to that point. Sorry, I can not recall.
    Eh I don't remember at all if we had any conflict or I'd not have quoted you. : p Thanks for the response, makes sense tho it's the details I was interested in lol, but I understand it if you don't remember.
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    Let the drama begin.
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    yeah suck her dick
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    What are your thoughts on Thomas the train? Ignore the words on the bottom.

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    Another weird show
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    How is work?

    --replying to title

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    It's fine but I'd like to make a bit more money though


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