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The place to find news & updates about PersonalityCafe, including upcoming events, newsletters, and interviews with forum members!
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New to this forum or are you returning? Feel free to introduce yourself here. Watch out for the horny robot!
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Member Photos & Videos

Post photos or videos of yourself in this forum. Must have 15+ post or more to view & post.
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What's my personality type?

Confused or have any questions typing yourself? Post here to get help.
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Personality Type Forums Myers Briggs, Enneagram, Personality Resources, and Member Polls Forums.

Myers Briggs Forum

A forum for the most popular personality theory and test.
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Cognitive Functions

A forum for discussing feeling, thinking, sensing, and intuition functions.
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The Generations

Oh how the years go by. A place to chat with people your own generation. Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z
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Other Personality Theories

A forum for discussing other personality theories and concepts, especially those not as well-known.
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Member Polls

Create your own or vote on other user generated polls here.
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Keirsey Temperament Forums The Four Temperamental Forums
Topics of Interest

General Psychology

Discuss psychology related issues here.
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The Art Museum

Post your artistic visuals for all to see.
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Book, Music, & Movie Reviews

Review or discuss some of your favorite books, movies, and music in this forum.
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Education & Career Talk

A forum for students and the working.
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Science and Technology

A forum for discussing science and technology breakthroughs.
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Health and Fitness

Let's get physical! Share tips on exercising and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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Sex and Relationships

The forum for sex and relationship advice and talk. *Contains Explicit Talk, Viewer Discretion Is Advised.*
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Vendor Deals

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The Cafe Lounge

Advice Center

Get free consultation from the wise members of PersonalityCafe
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