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This is a discussion on Have You Ever? within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Yes, and it was half fun and half terrifying. Have you ever made a let's play video when you were ...

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    Yes, and it was half fun and half terrifying.

    Have you ever made a let's play video when you were younger?

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    I don't think so

    Have you ever sang out loud thinking you were alone only to discover someone was there listening to you?

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    Yes, last week. Someone was gardening the neighborhood walkways early in the morning.

    Have you ever felt you had to cleanse your palate (clean your mouth) from the taste of something you ate? With something other than a liquid/drink.

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    Yes, occasionally.

    Have you ever revived an otherwise dead thread on a forum?

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    i try ! sometimes i sort a subsection of the forum by threads in chronological order of how many replies they have. i try to revive the ones that seem fun to me but for some reason, died out b/c no else responded.. thus getting buried in between other threads.

    have you ever sent a text that you immediately regretted?

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    Of course. Not often, but a few times.

    Have you ever texted something embarrassing or otherwise unfortunate to the wrong number?

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    yeah, lmao. more times than i can count. here's the one i can recall from the top of my head, though: there was this guy i kinda-not-really had a thing for (didn't really go beyond thinking he was cute but anyway) - we were texting a bit that night and he said something i thought was cute so i took a screenshot and attempted to sent it to my friend... somehow, it slipped my mind that i was supposed to switch text conversations so i sent a screenshot of our messages to him. which would have been bad enough by itself but i had the thirst and eggplant emoji next to his contact name (as a joke, i swear!). all he responded with was "lol". there was also this other time when i was in a group project with another good friend of mine. we were writing a history presentation together and she wanted to get it done as soon as possible while i was willing to wait until the last day. anyway, we got it done pretty quickly but i was (also jokingly) gonna complain to my other friend about the project. mostly rooted from self-deprecation, i.e. "i can't believe i was paired up with someone with an actual work ethic, ew", etc. but i sent it to her instead. she's a good friend of mine so it was fine, she kinda just laughed it off. but yeah, no, this has definitely happened more than once.

    have you ever stayed in a relationship even with the better knowledge that it was probably best to let them go? could be platonic or romantic

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    Anyways, to answer your question, yeah. I'm picky with whom I form any kind of relationship with, so it's hard to let go of ones I've invested in.

    Have you ever had an allergic reaction to a food?
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    not quite, mine is called intolerance

    hye made a quiz? that people could submit online. Personality quiz, other, random quiz~

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    Yes, I have. All have been school-related.

    Have you ever ridden a bike?

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