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This is a discussion on Have You Ever? within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Yes. Have you ever killed an animal (hunting/for food)?...

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    Have you ever killed an animal (hunting/for food)?

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    Have you ever deep fried something?

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    yeah, my back under the rays of the sun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    still have a sun-burn from like three months ago. (but to actually answer the way i assumed u meant for it to be answered, no. not successfully anyway. also oil is scary)

    have you ever met someone famous?
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    Yeah, I've met/known some people who would be considered minor celebrities.

    Have you ever eaten something that you didn't know what is was?
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    i once had a sip of chicken broth thinking it was lemonade. does that count ? (don't ask.)

    have you ever been broken up with?
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    Have you ever driven a boat?

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    Paddle boat and a kayak - I suck at both, but I have.

    Have you ever sung in the rain?

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    yes lol, more than a couple of times ! the one i can most vividly remember was having sung/shrieked to the tune of purple rain on my phone with two of my other friends during a free period we all shared. we were sitting outside on a set of bleachers near the track at my school when it started pouring. (it wasn't horrible, though - pretty, at the very least since it was sunshower-isque.) we briefly considered running indoors but decided to stick around. went back indoors a few minutes later consequently and unsurprisingly soaked.

    have you ever told someone you loved them without meaning it?

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    Never, not even in the last years of my marriage when I didn't love my husband anymore. I said sweet things to him when I meant them ("this was such a nice romantic dinner, thank you"), but I was careful to never say I loved him.

    Have you ever done anything that you suspect your parents would be deeply ashamed of if they found out?
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    have you ever compromised parts of who you were to make yourself more likable to others?

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