Are intj known for not being affectionate?

Are intj known for not being affectionate?

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This is a discussion on Are intj known for not being affectionate? within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; So I recently broke up with a partner. It was a few weeks ago not long ago. The reason I ...

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    Are intj known for not being affectionate?

    So I recently broke up with a partner. It was a few weeks ago not long ago. The reason I ended up jumping off was because they wanted to be too sexual too fast. However they told me before this I wasn't affectionate enough. I never been told that and am confused as to what they mean. I google it and got an article saying INTJ don't seem affectionate to others.

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    I disagree

    All I mean is I think that any type in a healthy and secure dynamic can be affectionate. Maybe some are seen as less or more prone. But I believe all types have the capacity to be very affectionate in the right conditions all depending.

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    INTJ-specimen(s) are not innately touchy-people. I had a specimen that INSISTED I always 'sit in their lap' -- even with existing chairs in the locality.

    I reckon there is a distinction via 'affection' regarding differential types. For ex; I dated a (Se)-dom male, and I have never been "touched" so frequently / quickly by any other type. (re: unsolicited mild touching / fast insists on kissing / sexuality-oozing). It seemed if there were no [direct-touching] occurring, we were 'disconnected' and/or something was missing. Our first date; his head was in my lap while he talked [another INTJ-male humanoid would not so boldly do this].

    A very different humanoid from my [experiences] via INTP-males that simply blink. Of course; my "idea" of affection is not instinctively random episodes of kissing (&) sitting on specimen(s) laps -- I do not even fancy hold hands.

    I rather perform [other] methods of affection (re: being a good listener / offering support, encoragement / motivation to "acts of service" - affirmation).


    "I'm pretty supportive in all your aspiration(s) and dreams, aren't I?"

    The othe specimen: No! C'mere, I want '*SMOOCHSMOOCHSMOOCH!*'.

    Damn XXFP humanoid(s).
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    INTJ are widely known for their fluffy qualities and disgusting caramel covered soft spots
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