Post any unpopular opinions you have on things

Post any unpopular opinions you have on things

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    Post any unpopular opinions you have on things

    Should be interesting
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    Doubt it.

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    Can it be on anything? If so, then it's going to be a long list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky_Nova_20 View Post
    Can it be on anything? If so, then it's going to be a long list.
    yeah, anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turi View Post
    Doubt it.

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    Victims of psychological liquidation must be paid by the society awesome compensation for loss of health and abuse itself and provided with generous disability pensions and help in recovery/functioning.

    Societies shouldn't feel entitled to forgiveness and whine when when victims of psychological liquidation repay them for lost health and lost careers with mass shootings but actively improve themselves and strive to earn their forgiveness by paying the compensations they are morally obliged to pay.

    Societies that fail to follow their moral duty aren't innocent but guilty of treachery and cooperation with rapists, abusers, etc. by turning psychological liquidation into economic and biological liquidation.

    No mercy for these terrorists!
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    Brooklyn 99 is not a very funny show.
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    I believe that 99.9% of the western population (females in particular) overreact and just need to toughen up. <- unpopular opinion?
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    A majority of NFs and all their melodrama, not all, but especially the INFP™-humanoids seem to have victim complexes -- about one thing, or another. Always whining about some form of "mistreatment/abuse" occurring to them, somewhere. Never much insight into their roles on the matter, either.

    "My boss is an asshole, and abusive,"

    "For years, I have been abused by a good friend..."

    "My SO other is mistreating me... why would they do this to me?"

    "Typology, especially Carl Jung, is responsible for my suffering, I have realized!

    All the intimate objects are against me, if not the world,"

    Et al, always common with the (NF)-humanoids. If you do not submit to (X)-confirmation biases / validate their mistreatment, they will "door-slam," and passive-aggressively shit-talk you for a few week(s), until finally vanishing. (3) months later, expect a post from them ranting about exaggerated mistreatment / abuse.

    Often, it is just sickening. I wish to throw these humanoid(s) into a garbage disposal. Another week, another 'discovery' of an evil manipulative abuser.
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    I don't think involuntary government works. Taxation is theft. Free market for the win. I'm not a fan of governments in general.

    I'm an anarchist. It's a fairly unpopular opinion compared to the people that surround me, no matter what side of the political spectrum they're on. Because I'm nowhere on the spectrum.
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