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This is a discussion on 🦋Hortus Personarum🦋 within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; @ sweet morphine I like your profile look and that song title reminded me of you somehow before you put ...

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    @sweet morphine I like your profile look and that song title reminded me of you somehow before you put it in your signature
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dangerose View Post
    @sweet morphine I like your profile look and that song title reminded me of you somehow before you put it in your signature
    *tries to pretend not to be flattered*
    (I mean I tried to resist putting it in my signature but it's just the best song title in existence and I really like it so)

    Ended up not going, it just sounded really, really boring and I wouldn't have enough time to clean up the evidence of things going on when I'm alone and such.

    Also my dad is suddenly really thrilled with the idea of a dog AND a cat, wants to get them as soon as we get a bigger place (god knows when that is), and he wants a little white one and I'm so proud of him, but I don't know if I'd be able to have a dog completely on my own and my plans have changed in the last few months, the other day I even imagined myself driving a car, I'm really over living with him.

    Edit: you can quote, lets be real no one's reading this, and if they are they already know everything
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    realized I make up a lot of problems that are just excuses for people to pay attention to me and I hate it when other people do that and it makes me really wearying because I'm the person who always has a problem

    but to be fair people not giving me attention is a huge problem

    and like otherwise I have to wait to see something cool before I have an excuse to message people and for some reason that takes more courage than just going like 'here fix my life oh look everything's falling apart again', definitely going to stop though, feel like not texting is the hardest thing in the whole world (I know it isn't)

    I guess because texting people something cool looks like I made a specific choice and texting people about problems makes it look like it's FATE's fault or something, just realized how irritating it is
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    ^I mean that makes sense so
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    why am i eating so much i'm not even sad, i have literally no excuse
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    ^same (except I am sad)
    (and also I'm just lost because I wanna stay at this weight I am at right now, like not gain or lose but don't know how so "Maybe I actually need to eat this thing I shouldn't be eating in order to not lose weight?" is my excuse, but that could go very wrong)
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    I wonder if they intentionally made look like it's covered in blood or if it's supposed to be more like kind of thing

    Also this type in my signature is making me kinda sad because it reminds me of how much I'm not like that
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    I never imagined it as covered in blood, but like a cartoon person that got all red in anger, I don't like it much though

    (I want to lose weight but I'm also happy to stay here, as long as I'm thinner than I was in high school I'm happy and I even feel like I got less pretty since the spring when I was a little fatter, but it's probably not related, I think it would be perfect if I lost ten pounds but the only thing I don't want to do is gain a lot of weight, I don't want to have to lose it again, feel like I'm losing my control of my diet though so I need to take some strict measures to get back on course)
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    at least half my problems come from imagining that there's a problem and reacting accordingly

    either 6 fix or too much time to let tiny niggling nonsense things sit
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    ^don't think it's 6

    Ordered a name change about a year ago and now I don't even want it anymore, would be a shame to cancel it though
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