ENTP Career - Psychology vs Law

ENTP Career - Psychology vs Law

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This is a discussion on ENTP Career - Psychology vs Law within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; I got in to psychology school in Sweden to become a clinical psychologist but I start to get second thoughts. ...

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    ENTP Career - Psychology vs Law

    I got in to psychology school in Sweden to become a clinical psychologist but I start to get second thoughts. I am an ENTP and I have always been quite insensitive, harsh, mean and dominant. These are all traits that generally would speak for a lawyer rather than a psychologist but at the same time I love psychology and know that I would take it very seriously. I find the theories very interesting and also the idea of helping people improve their lives. On the contrary however, I think that I would be better suited as a lawyer maybe. It is worth stating that I'm a bit more organized, serious, realistic and ambitious than most of the other ENTPs I know and also a bit more sensitive in some regards than my other NT- friends. I find psychology the more interesting subject but it is easy to see that a career in law would be the more obvious choice for me. I have some traits of an ExTJ but I also have a tendency to analyze social situations, facial expressions and behavior. Im a very promising public speaker which probably have more place in law but at the same time I want to hold lectures, debates and online courses etc. as a psychologist (HUGE fan of Jordan Peterson). I think that there is a risk that I would get bored working clinical and that I would have to really focus to not get impatient but I also think that the paper work and culture of lawyers would bore me. What do u think in general about ENTPs in law vs psychology and what do u think specifically about my situation? Any advices from other ENTPs, psychologists, lawyers or others?
    (i also have a goal about becoming a scientist in psychology but also consider the idea of me not getting there and thus have to work clinical, even though I believe in myself)

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    Psychologist or Lawyer?

    You should choose a field which

    • fuels your enthusiasm on a daily basis and
    • requires your main talents

    so that you have a chance to stand out and become a tenured professor, which is perhaps still the most rewarding profession for iNtuitive Thinkers.

    For a psychology student you donít know much about yourself. How can you choose a profession for a person you donít know? How can we choose a profession for a person we donít know?

    Enneagram type 3, 7 or 8? Probably not 7 if you are a Peterson fan. Five Factor Model scores?

    If you search for 'MBTI' and 'law' you will find contradictory information. You should finish one textbook each about Swedish civil, penal and administrative law without falling asleep before you decide to study something bureaucratic like law. You should also pick one article each from about 30 journals and study them at home without falling asleep.

    Your psychologist/lawyer dichotomy appers rather random, all the more as you are neither a feeler (psychology) nor a judger (law). What do these professions have in common? Why these beaten tracks? Why not psychiatry, geology or Egyptology?


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    Great response.
    Ive been taking the two tests that you mentioned several times.
    Big Five (last time I took it on openpsychometrics):
    Extroversion: 92
    Emotional stability: 70
    Agreeableness: 17
    conscientiousness: 41 (use to score higher on this one)
    intellect/imagination: 84
    on Enneagram Ive scored 3 but also think 8 is adequate. (Had to edit, realized I was wrong about my results and I'm sorry for my awkward incompetence in enneagram types)

    I totally see what u mean by two random fields. Choosing psychology was a combination between a spontaneous decision, a current interest and an old dream. Law, however, has been my plan for a longer time and most of the people around me have always told me to go for law school or business in some way. I just feel like I won't be stimulated enough by not working with something more intellectual or abstract.
    But why these two? Law because I've been planning for that for a while and people always have told me that law school is the best school in Sweden and psychology because thats what I spend most of my spare time reading about and find it more stimulating as a subject. It wouldn't be possible for me to study the other fields u give examples of. It would require me taking several years extra just to add extra courses which I'm not interested in. I read a more political/social/financial scientific direction during last years of what would be equivalent to high school. Swedish educational system is different from many other countries in many ways I think.
    I also like the idea of psychology and law school being safe roads. Even though I am a risk taker in many ways I'm also raised by a paranoid ESFP father who thinks that Im going to get beat up by just taking a walk and a robotic superISFJ mother who cooks and cleans 95% of her wake time with very morally controlled and conservative values. They have always wanted me to take a safe (but successful) road in school that will guarantee a job and thats something I've been indoctrinated with since way back.
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