I'm a teen and I still like to watch cartoons. Is it normal? - Page 2

I'm a teen and I still like to watch cartoons. Is it normal?

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This is a discussion on I'm a teen and I still like to watch cartoons. Is it normal? within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; 1. Not abnormal at all. Isn't that kind of thing "in" right now anyway? I'm in my early 20s and ...

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    1. Not abnormal at all. Isn't that kind of thing "in" right now anyway? I'm in my early 20s and it seems like it's all old Spongebob jokes all the time.
    2. Even if it wasn't typical, it's not hurting anyone. You do you.
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    I'm 37 and I recently binged Netflix's Voltron. It's great.

    Why do people deprive themselves of good entertainment just because of someone else's arbitrarily drawn lines or other's interests? Why wouldn't you do something that you enjoy because someone else might not or what they might think of you if you do? This makes no sense to me.

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    I’m a bonafide geezer and I watch cartoons. And no, I haven’t slipped into a second childhood. I have a collection of Betty Boop, Popeye and many others. They are part art form, part history and good entertainment.

    Hers’s a tip... march to your own drummer. You’ll be happier in the long run.
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    No there's nothing wrong with it. There's plenty of cartoons out there with adult themes. Well, I watch anime (japanese cartoons) because I like the stories, and some of the animation is amazing, sometimes I wonder how do people sit there and make all this stuff? So no, nothing wrong with it. I recently watched Frozen with my nephews and I thought it was great. Not everything has to be so serious, depressing and harshly realistic all the time otherwise you'd go nuts, I think. And I'm 23. There's plenty of people my age and older that still watch cartoons and other stuff that society would consider, 'childish'.

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    Hey, some cartoons are made for adults. I think that any cartoons can be enjoyed at any age. Take it from a guy who still watches Tiny Toon Adventures.
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    I've seen 30+ years olds who still watch anime. On another forum I'm a part of, there's a 32 year old guy who's practically obsessed with Goku and recently just got into the series. Then, you have adult themed crap.

    I'm 26 and still watch anime and shows like Family Guy. I will even throw in a Spongebob episode every blue moon whenever nothing is on TV. Cable mostly sucks these days anyway.
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    No, it's very normal, not weird at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperCheatGamer View Post
    I'm not sure where to post this, so I chose a topic-less forum like General Chat.

    I first asked this on Quora, but nobody gave a shit.

    My story:

    Introduction: I'm a 17-years-old teen that tends to give a shit about what others think of me. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a normal guy (or not).

    1 month ago (July 2018): I and my cousin were deciding what to do, he suggested we could watch some TV, I didn't have better ideas so I accepted his suggestion, I used to choose the channel we would watch, but that day was my cousin's birthday so I let him to choose the channel, so he chose Cartoon Network. Sincerely I was never interested in CN, I barely watched that channel. My cousin is actually 18 and it seems he still watches cartoons, he likes Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, etc.

    When he turned the TV on and switched to CN, Regular Show was about to start, we were watching some episodes, the plot was interesting, the show was entertaining. It was the first time I've watched a CN show, after watching some TV with him, the first thing I thought was 'meh', I wasn't interested enough.
    When I went back to home, I did something very unusual, instead of using my PC, I turned on my Smart TV and switched the channel to CN only to watch more Regular Show.
    It seems I was gaining more interest about CN shows, but I haven't noticed that yet.

    This was unexpected:
    A week later, I've become a big fan of Regular Show, I've bought some RS-themed T-shirts, I've changed my PC and phone default wallpapers, and I've even made some fan-art. This does not end here: I've downloaded some episodes to watch RS on the go and I've even downloaded some mobile games both free and paid. In a nutshell: Regular Show became my #1 favorite show.
    I also watched other CN shows, but I preferred Regular Show over the rest of the CN shows.

    When I realized I wasn't the same, I said to myself "What's happening to me? Is there something wrong with me? Am I weird? Am I childish? Have I become like my cousin?".
    Instead of telling about my situation to my parents, I was looking for answers online, I've asked on Quora, but nobody gave a shit, I hope you guys give some useful answers.

    Since then I was wondering: Am I childish? Is this normal?
    I am 38 and I stiiiiill play video games and watch cartoons.

    That's allmost like... 20 years older then you I wanted to fix The Great Giana Siters to my likes and create my own videogames when I was a kid and I still do

    Ps. I love cartoon network still. I used to watch Jonny Bravo and dexter a lot but also Powerpuff girls and i THINK IT caps I think it was Yogi bear. And a surfer show a little but not sure what it is called.
    Dad said I was like Dexter while my sister was like Deedee lol


    Also: Cartoons like these seemed magical to me as a kid, I was TOTALLY fascinated by them:


    Also as a kid I made my own cartoon strip about a dog who loved bowling. It was called Bowling. :P XD
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    I am 28, and I have seen every season of Yu-gi-oh. (Puffs chest out proudly)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yamimaru View Post
    I am 28, and I have seen every season of Yu-gi-oh. (Puffs chest out proudly)
    First time I watched Yu-go-oh, I was 28 or 29 as well and I really enjoyed it. I watched Eva (the original) in my early 30's and that was when I discovered anime and realized "Oh shit, I've been missing out on some good stuff". Since then I've probably watched 20-30 different anime and I've enjoyed most of them.

    Even have a running list of shows on myanimelist. Waiting for the Made in Abyss dub to drop.

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