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This is a discussion on Music Playlists within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; How do you use them, if at all? Do you have dozens or none? Any particularly interesting ones? I'm curious ...

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    Music Playlists

    How do you use them, if at all? Do you have dozens or none? Any particularly interesting ones?
    I'm curious to know how other people use them, but am also looking for ideas, because I only have one playlist for calming music.

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    Basically I download youtube vids as mp3 and add them to my phone and listen to them until I tire of them.
    They are all in one big, music that I like folder.
    When a song is starting to annoy me I delete it from my phone.
    I keep backups on my PC.
    I run trough lots of music and flip trough music threads on perc for inspiration.

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    I have different playlists for different activity.

    for example, for skiing I have a rap playlist and for BMXing I have a metal playlist.

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    Just to do something different, I've started listening to my music in alphabetical order. The R's on my phone are especially tasty...

    The Rain Song -- Led Zeppelin
    Rainbow -- Ana Caram
    Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 -- Bob Dylan
    Rainy Day, Dream Away -- Jimi Hendrix
    Ramble On -- Led Zeppelin
    Red Black and Green -- Zachary Breaux
    Red House -- Jimi Hendrix
    Redbone -- Cassandra Wilson
    Redemption Song -- Bob Marley
    Reflections in D -- Duke Ellington
    Restless Farewell -- Bob Dylan
    Resurrection Blues -- Cassandra Wilson
    Return of the Grievous Angel -- Gram Parsons
    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised -- Gil Scott-Heron
    Ride Like the Wind -- Christopher Cross
    Ridgetop -- Jesse Colin Young
    Right Here, Right Now -- Cassandra Wilson
    Rio de Janiero Blue -- Randy Crawford
    River Phoenix (Carta a Um Joven Ator) -- Milton Nascimento
    River Run -- Paul Winter
    Roll On -- The Little Willies
    Rosalita (Come out Tonight) -- Bruce Springsteen
    Rose Darling -- Steely Dan
    The Royal Scam -- Steely Dan
    Run for Your Life -- The Beatles
    Run the Voodoo Down -- Cassandra Wilson

    Interesting how some artists are so well represented in the letter R.
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    I have different playlist for the many moods I may find myself in, organized by the content of each song. Some of my playlist are named Nostalgia (for music I liked in the 90s/early 2000s) and another is called Idiotropic (when I'm feeling very moody). Then of course you have some artist that just get it, and have their own vibe, so I have playlist dedicated to certain artist as well.


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