What happens to online accounts when you die?

What happens to online accounts when you die?

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This is a discussion on What happens to online accounts when you die? within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Does anyone know? Do they get hacked or shut down automaticly?...

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    What happens to online accounts when you die?

    Does anyone know?
    Do they get hacked or shut down automaticly?

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    I'd assume that if you prove to the company that the person is dead they can shut down the account, but I have seen Facebook profiles for people who are known to be dead still kept up so people can post on their walls. Though financial things I'd assume are shut down as a priority.

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    They go to internet heaven, where all the dead accounts shitpost together until the end of time

    if you listen carefully, sometimes you can even hear the furious clicking of a mechanical keyboard in the silent late hours of night. they say some are still among us....brought back to the land of the living though the dark rituals of the living necroposter
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    Depends on the site. In forums (such as this one, but not necessarily it) they seem to stay around. At least I know of people who died whose accounts are still around in other forums. In sites such facebook they are often shut down if 'family' members or friends ask for such. I read that they have this feature on facebook these days that when it is confirmed that a person died, they put a "Remembering... (person's name)" in their page. Or something like that.

    Of course, the pages are naturally gone once the site/forum is shut down, whenever that happens and sooner or later, it happens.
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    The thought of this makes me so sad for some reason :(
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