Can you cook?

Can you cook?

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This is a discussion on Can you cook? within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; I'm making dinner for my family tonight: slow cooked fava beans with olive oil and plenty of garlic. ingredients: olive ...

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    Can you cook?

    I'm making dinner for my family tonight: slow cooked fava beans with olive oil and plenty of garlic.

    olive oil
    onions (chopped)
    large tomato
    half a lemon
    garlic (minced)
    fava beans (canned)

    brown the onions
    add in the tomatoes and minced garlic
    add half a cup of water and allow to simmer into a sauce
    add in the fava beans (season to your taste)
    when the beans soften, mash them down (using the back of a spoon or a pestle will do)
    squeeze in some lemon juice and serve with a side of rice or warm pita bread


    what are some of your favorite things to make at home?
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    I passed cooking 101 in college, so I'd hope so!

    In college I made a from-scratch pizza and it came out great. I baked some dinner rolls and made donuts from scratch as well. My home kitchen is pretty terrible so I just stick to simple things. I go all-out when it comes to sandwiches, and I also make a lot of smoothies. Just the other day I made chocolate "ice cream" using frozen banana as the base. I'm also interested in food dehydration. Someday when I have my own place I'm plan to have a fully functional kitchen.

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    I'm relatively good at cooking, my pride and joy is having come up with a copycat chick-fil-a recipe that looks and tastes almost like the real deal. Most of the time I just make lots of stuff with potatoes and pasta though

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    I absolutely love baking and cooking. Have always had a knack for it ever since I was 6 years old (I made macaroni for supper and baked a rhubarb crisp for dessert..but I was so proud of myself! LOL) It's progressed from there and the rest is history.
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    Yes chef level here
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    Is water wet ;)

    Love cooking. Very relaxing and therapeutic for me, it's one of the easiest ways to 'get outside myself' and let go of excessive thought-y-ness. It's also one of my preferred methods of loving/caring for myself and those close. I've learned and reflected a lot on the psychology of food and nutrition, how greatly it effects biochemistry and hormones, and one of my most enjoyable 'goals' is to find alternative ways of making really 'tasty, psychologically comforting' dishes with high nutritional value. I grew up in a family with semi-poor eating habits (sugar addictions, using nutritionally empty foods as psychological balm) and I think this is why it became a 'thang' for me. I can't quite stamp out that very early conditioning of using food as a comfort rather than fuel (which I believe is incredibly common for most of us) but I can compromise and challenge myself to do so as healthily and creatively as possible.

    I go through phases of what I like to cook, and lately it's involved a lot of soups, vegetable stuffing, and different approaches on meat (braciola - Italian stuffed beef rolls for example). Oddly, I almost never repeat a recipe exactly the same... I'm very spontaneous and just naturally eyeball and experiment (I don't even have a recipe box, should really do that someday) and then, I beg for critical input from those I feed "next time less celery, more cilantro, maybe a tomato base instead" etc.

    I sometimes think this is a dying art, with so many people now relying on eating out, prepackaged easy meal preparations (which I get, life is busy, priorities change) but it makes me happy to know that I have mad skillz here...

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    Surely most people can cook if they try? Not sure what people really mean when they ask.

    I cook. I try to cook most things from scratch or use as fresh as possible ingredients. It always tastes better. There's not often I'll choose to eat fast food over home cooked food because it just doesn't taste as nice.

    Am I creative? No, I tend to follow a recipe and plan ahead if I'll need to substitute ingredients I don't like or is difficult to find. I don't always follow the same recipes and I make my own tweaks here and there but only after cooking it several times and knowing how it comes out.

    My food tends to taste really good but looks fucking awful. Seriously. I don't often cook for other people for that reason lol.

    Baking is difficult for me to muster. ESTJ ex was really good at it but I couldn't for the life of me bake no matter how hard I followed the instructions and it would always end up burnt! I'd really like to start more though. I have difficulty using and understanding numbers so measurement can be difficult for me which I find is more important in baking than cooking (and if the ingredients I'm gonna be using in cooking is gonna go out of date, I be putting all 3 onions in instead of the 1 in the recipe. Aint wasting good food!)

    ultracrepidarian we had a mindfulness tester session at work today - one of the guys leading it was a chef and he's hoping to teach "mindful cooking" class using the same sort of concepts : understanding what you're putting into your body, how the foods contribute to your physical and mental health, what's happening to the food during the different cooking methods. It's things I think of when I'm cooking myself.

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    Sure, I'm decent (just lazy).

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    I'm a decent cook when I feel like cooking. When I do I usually like to change up the recipe and make it a bit different so it isn't the exact same each time, unless the given recipe is just really good as is.

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    I can follow a recipe and cook well, I'm just not creative. I need instructions.

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