Crown shaped birth mark

Crown shaped birth mark

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This is a discussion on Crown shaped birth mark within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Hey , what do you think the meaning of a crown shaped birth mark?( even though you think that birth ...

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    Crown shaped birth mark

    Hey , what do you think the meaning of a crown shaped birth mark?( even though you think that birth marks has no meaning ,just tell me I just want to know)

    If you want to be more specific white crown shaped birth mark on the left side of the stomach.

    What do you think the meaning of this birth mark?

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    You will birth a king.

    Alternatively, if you're a guy, you will birth a King Sized Turd one morning. For all that in receiving This heavenly pleasure, you will have to bear Its cost. As anticipation for This Day grows and as The Day approaches, you will be plagued by terrible diarrhea 24/7. No counter measure may or can be taken to free you of this fate. It is so, dear shitter, to clean the bowels of you so that The Great One may come through in all Its Glory. Once It is done, you may stand and look into the pot, but you must not flush It. You are to grab It by hand, dear shitter. Then you must consume It. Doing this will vitalize you to your fullest potential for a period of 24 Earthly hours. So it has been decided. Make hte best of It. Few are This blessed in life and many would die for The Chance of receiving The Gift.

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    You once ate a Burger King chicken nugget back when they were crown-shaped, and it has burned its mark into your flesh and soul. You are now bound to the King.

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    Lol😂, honestly my younger girl cousin has this. I just want to know something a little bit serious cuz there's nothing about it to found on Google.

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    This will become more clear over time.

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    Is it a special birth mark? Is it rare?
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