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This is a discussion on Are you a good person? within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Originally Posted by Panorama I see, maybe it's the illusion of 'freedom' that keeps the idea of existence palpable. I'm ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panorama View Post
    I see, maybe it's the illusion of 'freedom' that keeps the idea of existence palpable. I'm amazed by choices and the ones others make- perhaps the 'gavity of choices' should be taught in schools, or is that the overriding context?

    I don't know much and you are linking to hobbes, lenin and others. i'll chew on it a bit but i'm not convinced humans are good, thank you for your efforts though. ;)
    I think the worst of us tends to be based in base pleasures that haven't become mediated by human sensibilities.
    When one acts more akin to an animal seeking pleasure and comfort, which is true to our nature but doesn't have to be the over riding case. Goodness isn't merely given by being biologically human, but the potential to develop into a good person is possible for most if not all.
    And what is good as noted earlier, changes by the standards which implicitly organize society as an ideal. So for example, whether our notion of good is that there can be no over riding good, only our equal individual pursuit of what we feel is good being a rather liberal notion of what is good although hiding from the purview the coordinates of it's own basis.
    Which isn't simply a belief system/ideology, but is primarily based in the way we actually live our lives in accordance with such an ideal. Where our private lives are to be protected from the public sphere somewhat.

    Learning the impact of choices would have to be taught in the sense of actually experiencing the gravity of one's choices. Life experience holds its own lessons, but how far we let people walk into their own mistakes is of concern.
    I can teach a child to not touch fire by letting them burn themselves a little bit. But what about letting them experiment with drugs or reckless sex as a young adult and other things where the consequences can be quite severe and permanent. So they have to be able to learn the good life without experiencing the worse as life will probably slap em around anyway.

    But I would implore one to retain a principle of hope against cynicism. As such a position is the result of a skepticism that merely destroys, it can not pose anything positive, as it negates. Some try to frame it as liberating, but they simply resolve themselves to a negative result, a problem unsolved.
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    My kind of good isn't your kind of good.
    You have used the power of language through the ages,
    to call it base, filthy and whatever else.
    And that is because it is purely evil and being purely evil, it is the source of good.
    Yet despite this you will never suppress it,
    neither will I be able to stop the untold cruelty flowing from your "good".

    Kindness is cruelty and cruelty is kindness!
    In other words, it is just an illusion of labels, good and bad are our creations.
    They only exist in our minds.
    Sure they have a source in pain and pleasure, which is their original names.

    It is basically about blaming others for the pain one is in.
    People who decrease pain is good, and people who increase pain is bad.
    Problem is that people experience subjective pain for wildly different reasons.
    Hence who we feel like blaming will vary a lot.

    So again, my kind of good isn't your kind of good.
    When I do good and try to minimize my own pain, it may create pain for you.
    This is why with 8 billions people on this earth soon,
    it is more or less impossible to be good without being evil at the same time to someone.
    There are sensitive toes around every corner, just waiting to be stepped on.

    Yeah, something like that, this message is a mess, but who cares?
    Oh yes! You might care, by saving myself from the pain of fixing it,
    I will cause some perfectionist pain who have to read it.
    I get to not have pain, and I don't give a fuck if you have it now!!!
    That is morality in a nutshell, I could sacrifice myself for the idea of walking on eggshells,
    but that would just push the problem into another situation
    where someone else gets the explosion in their face!

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    The good/bad dichotomy is so subjective. Humans are capable of the worst atrocities and the most heart soaring forms of altruism. Most people reside somewhere in the middle.

    There was a naked baby starling that fell out of its nest, likely with the help of predatory crows. It was too far gone with many visible wounds. I couldn't get myself to mercy kill it. Does this make me good or bad? Good because I can't kill something innocent or bad because I can't kill something in extreme pain?

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    I still believe there are no good or bad people. Just circumstances that shape them. What is good anyway? you mean by social standards? Being selfless etc? I guess it depends on everyone's preferences. People just follow what makes them happy, whether thats considered to be good or bad.

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    I am both good and bad, depending on what angle you look at me from. Either within the shadows, or in broad daylight. But even then, you will not see the real me, as you can only see the reflection of light, or the absence of it. You do not see what I absorb, only what colors I reflect.

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    Don't know. It's up to other people to decide I suppose. I wouldn't say I'm malicious in my intentions though.

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    Being good is allowing your nature to shine. We are all good by default. And thought is the bringer of all evil, when we move away from the natural. We are constantly thinking though, sometimes about wrong things for us, and sometimes we hold in our breath. Good too, would be not allowing your frustrations to boil over and negatively affect others, when you know you aren't 100%. But a good thing about that is that there are other people who aren't perfect and help you get there, friends, colleagues. So things are working in our favour.

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    I'm the best person
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    (What a useful gif!)
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