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The worst dream you've ever had

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This is a discussion on The worst dream you've ever had within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; *Bunch of stuff happens* As I exit a building I have just investigated, I find a young girl lying in ...

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    *Bunch of stuff happens* As I exit a building I have just investigated, I find a young girl lying in a puddle of blood. Her eyes were carved out, and all of her feet and hands were missing. I can tell by the look of the wounds, they were not just simply cut off, but shredded in a slow and painful process. She practically doesn't move, but I somehow sense that she is still alive. I look at her but can not help or do anything, although I desperately want to.

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    Worse is very subjective, especially if you go based on how you die vs actual pain from the death, and what you're dreaming of. My dreams are extremely creative when it comes to psychological horror, body horror, and physical pain. Like once, I fell into magma. You could feel the heat in the dream as if you stuck your hand in boiling hot water, and it was scorching. But dreams have a threshold of pain it cannot cross normally (aka intolerable) So it is quite interesting to perceive just how much pain you can tolerate in a dream. Of course falling into the lava woke me, because it had reached that threshold.

    I also frequently dream of drowning, but to add that little extra flair of psychological horror. I once dreamed that I sank to the bottom of this murky sea, and I could not swim up for the life of me. To make it worse, the seaweed and mud started tangling around me, and I ended up sinking into the mud too and eventually succumbing in the ground. This one was actually not that scary tbh.

    I also get bit my poisonous snakes all the time, and it makes it hard to communicate to others, find help, or get anyone to realize what is wrong as my heart starts failing and I die. It is similar to the dreams that I hate, where I get lost or need to be somewhere and I can't find it. Like being late for school etc.

    There was also one where I was a demon, and got too much power at once (it was a long elaborate dream that spanned years), I went insane and killed all of my own men in a berserk rampage while transforming into a monster. Psychologically, this one was very disturbing because when I woke up I could still feel all that rage and emotions. I hate a lot of body horror like this. Including but not limited to parasites, mechanical cyborg-ism, cordyceps and aliens.

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    There are different categories that tend to be equally bad.

    Category A: Extreme body horror, mutilation, gore, being tortured and killed, having my family and pets killed, stepping on needles, nails, and metal spikes everywhere I put my feet down, pulling them out in slow motion, dying before I wake up or dying and coming back to life, having it start all over again.

    Category B: Dreams that are actually memories I tried to banish to my subconscious to avoid thinking about.

    Category C: Dreams that are based off memories but worse, more extensive, convoluted. They feel as real.

    Category D: Dreams that aren't technically graphic enough to be considered nightmares but contain disturbing elements and a general aura of malaise and wrongness. Usually these are highly symbolic and repititive. Being in a small one-room house, pitch black, as an urn drips ashes onto my head from the ceiling. A forest with a dilapidated building buried underground. Only the chimney is sticking out. I'm aware the place is haunted before realizing I'm the ghost. A scarecrow-like Slender Man creature chasing me as I transport through multiple universes via a giant natural basin of swirling water that's actually energy, tucked into a cliff-side. Etc.

    The worst dreams are probably a combination of all four categories.

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    All of the above. Family members dying horrible deaths, terrible arguments, betrayal, gross-out horror stuff, getting raped, etc. Nothing too bad lately, fortunately.

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    I don't think I ever really have any dreams that shake me up. When I wake up from an unpleasant dream it just feels to me like I watched a great horror film or something.

    The only answer I can really give as far as I remember is when I was a kid I used to have a lot of nightmares involving a black cat who would attack me at the end of the dream as I wake up, it made me scared of going into dark places on my own as a kid in case it came and got me, so having an actual impact on my daily life probably makes it the worst. In the last dream I ever had about it though I beat it up, it never appeared in my dreams again after that. HAH.

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