The worst dream you've ever had

The worst dream you've ever had

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This is a discussion on The worst dream you've ever had within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Share ur worst dreams. One of my worst was a week ago, got completely humiliated by my own friends, almost ...

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    The worst dream you've ever had

    Share ur worst dreams.
    One of my worst was a week ago, got completely humiliated by my own friends, almost drowned, bugs crawling all over me, woke up could hardly breathe. Really strange

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    I was almost kidnapped in one dream. there was this dude who wouldn't let me go past him. It was a very short moment but it's still scary

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    I use to have reoccurring dreams I was being captured by Jigsaw and put into one of those torture scenarios. I was afraid to go to sleep.

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    I'm in a remote land far from home getting ready to leave. Wife is there ready to catch the plane. I forgot something saying wife should wait for me. I hurry off to get it. Arriving some girl talks to me delaying me but I say nothing of being in a hurry. When I return wife and others have left and the bus to the plane is leaving. I'm absolutely terrified and run after the bus hoping to get to the plane seeing I won't make it. I wake up realizing all are gone and I'm lost. I'm in shock.

    This dream was from August 19. (I record many of my dreams.)

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    I have repeated nightmares of being raped/sexually assaulted. Sometimes decapitation is involved.

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    When I'm having one of those dreams where I get goosebumps from a scary ambiance and wake up suddenly in bed, and I get up, start walking around, only to find I'm still in the dream, and then I awake again from the same position, get up and walk around again, only to find I'm still dreaming... Even worse if it's combined with sleep paralysis in between the waking moments.
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    I sometimes have dreams about stuff like brutal torture and being burned alive. What makes is worse is I can feel pain in my dreams. The pain in my dreams probably isn't as intense as it would be if I went through it in real life, but my brain sure is good at simulating it.

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    The worst dreams I have are all the same. Anxiety building upon itself because I can't retain anything in my memory for longer than a few seconds before I forget. so every few seconds I think "I need to tell someone what's happening to me and get help" and then immediately forget, repeat. Brain fog to the maximum. These sorts of nightmares are why I find zero enjoyment in mind-altering substances (I don't even like being a little tipsy).

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    When I was younger, I had a dream that both of my brothers were being "tortured" in our apartment. My younger brother was in the living room (which is where I was) and he was being lowered into a pit of fire, whereas my older brother was in the bathroom, and he had a basket of bees strapped onto his head. I saved my younger brother, but by the time I got to the bathroom, my older brother was already dead. But I was just a kid at the time, so I thought my dream was insinuating that I cared about my younger brother more than I cared about my older brother, so, from that point forward, I tried to be nice as possible to my older brother.

    It wasn't until I got much older, that I realized I saved my younger brother first because he was physically closer to me, and since he was younger, I probably assumed he was more "helpless" than my older brother.

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    I have two competing with each other. One, in which my father is holding me as a baby and drops me over the edge of a air-hover-crafting bs ship in the sky


    my co-workers visiting me as a patient, remembering I used to work with them but had a psychotic breakdown since. Rgarding me with pity and typical rehabilitation plans, the ones I force on my patients.

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