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post ur recent purchases !! i.e.

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This is a discussion on post ur recent purchases !! i.e. within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Had to buy a new umbrella, I somehow managed to lose mine....

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    Had to buy a new umbrella, I somehow managed to lose mine.

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    Bought a case of Bud Lights.

    Bud choice.

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    A Garmin vivoactive 3 music and Bluetooth headphones

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    A figure of a Suchomimus or Irritator (not sure) and the figure of a member from the Dromaeosauridae family (not sure either; raptor with feathers).
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    1. pink water bottle + kiwi strawberry sparkling ice (nothing in common other than that they're both pink so i took a pic of them together :D)

    2. gifts for my itl host fam ! two containers of locally-grown maple syrup (s/o lucan), two containers of locally-grown peanut butter, and a bag of reeses miniature cups (also some handmade chocolate made from a neighboring city and some ceramic tile art w some embedded prints of some landmarks from around the city ! both unpictured :( might add later)

    3. cold-shoulder black top

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    fresh anchovies, eel, 3 kinds of rice, 2 brands of coffee, and baby ginger.

    i will order headphones online because they are more beautiful than in-store.

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    Bought myself a pair of army pants after days of contemplating whether I'm cool enough to wear them
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whippit View Post
    I'll participate, but I doubt anybody will get off on my 320 piece collection of metric nylon standoffs the way I do. Purchased to facilitate some solar powered climate sensor stations I'm building.

    Whats more fun than buying all the pieces, I finally have them put together for the base solar setup for my weather stations:

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    (feel sorta-awkward because I'm not as big of a fan as combination of this with my signature would get you to believe, the scent is just addictive and the bottle is obviously adorable, couldn't resist it)
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