Why I Am Not Concerned About My Own Personal Growth and Development

Why I Am Not Concerned About My Own Personal Growth and Development

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    Why I Am Not Concerned About My Own Personal Growth and Development

    1). There will always be someone better than me. As much as people say that I am very smart, I am sure that there are other people out there on planet Earth that are far more intelligent than I am. I am sure that there are people that are simply just faster than me in whatever generic act or task they do. I would suspect that even aliens are a lot stronger than me not just mentally but physically and intellectually too.

    2). The combined consciousness of a group of entities will always overpower that of one individual or the majority will always supersede the minority regardless of whether or not what they do is right or wrong. People have to understand that one person’s intellect or power becomes irrelevant when they are going up against two, three, or more people that are against them. Sure, some may argue that one person can take out five people but what happens when you bring in ten people, one hundred people or a thousand people? And remember, the majority will always win or have the advantage in their say of a particular issue even when perhaps their position is wrong or not as accurate as the minority.

    3). Evolution is a never-ending process. As much as entities evolve and develop, I would suspect that evolution is a never-ending process. It is almost as if omniscience is not really omniscience because there is always more room for further growth and development even in a situation where a particular entity is considered to be highly-evolved. Experiences can go on for infinity. The process of learning is continual and it appears that there is no end or limit to this process.

    4). I do not really care about meeting the Creator of the Universe. According to the book The Survival of the Soul by Lisa Williams:

    There is a place in the Afterlife where only the Elders are allowed, and then only by special invitation. It is called the Kingdom of Power, and it is where the Highest Master resides, Whom some refer to as God.

    The Kingdom is always visible in the distance, surrounded by rainbows and connected by a golden bridge that spans a great distance. There, the celestial beings live – the angels and all those who accompany the Almighty, who you call God. But souls cannot just walk up to this place and knock on the door. Many try but never make it. Imagine walking and walking but never getting to your destination. No matter how far you go, your destination is always the same distance away.

    The Kingdom is a place of exquisite peace and harmony, and a meeting with God is an enlightening and beautiful experience. There is a hierarchy in the Kingdom, but it is not driven by ego. God Himself is a higher force that governs all higher senses – such as nature, beauty, the planets, healing, comfort, and people and their growth. God governs everything, but He cannot control everything, so He sends helpers to oversee the many domains of existence. He passes on many tasks to the Elders, who pass them on to the spirit guides, who then pass them on to the living (p. 198, The Survival of the Soul).

    Lisa Williams narrates: “Yes, the celestial realms are real, as is the higher being we call Source or God. We’re all being protected, guided, and loved by God, no matter what religion we follow (or don’t follow). His embrace holds us all, and we’re surrounded by knowledge and resources that are always abundantly available (p. 200, The Survival of the Soul).

    My comment: I guess what I am trying to say is that I simply have no interest in meeting a being that is a lot of bigger than me (and how do I know this is because some orbs come in the size of a four-story building and so the Creator must be many, many times bigger, bigger to the point of how words themselves cannot describe the precise definition of what big is) and looks kind of like me. It is like staring at the face of an alien that looks like you but is slightly different. I find that to be a very boring experience. It is like looking at yourself in the mirror and that is just very meaningless to me. Perhaps some people who study spirituality are somewhat correct when they say that everything truly is meaningless.

    On a more slight tangent, I believe in the freewill and freedom to not lose your individuality and uniqueness and merge in with God Source (as some mediums have suggested as you grow and evolve). I believe in independence and just like that which parallels the Declaration of Independence. I believe in the Constitution both here on Earth and elsewhere and everywhere in the Universe. I believe in Freedom and not the Collectivist Model in which the nail that sticks out gets hammered. This is where I sort of bridge off from the Zeitgeist Movement supporters because they don’t believe in paper proclamations (as well as the Venus Project supporters). In my opinion, these paper proclamations are the greatest documents ever created here on Planet Earth. It is what separated the United States from the rest of the world in terms of its ingenuity, innovation, creativity, uniqueness, beauty, and the many other benefits that only a true-free society can provide.

    5). Perhaps dark entities are somewhat correct in their own personal assessment of growth and development. According to The Other Side and Back by Sylvia Browne, “The reason a Dark Side exists is that God endowed the spirit with freewill, and some spirits exercised their free will to reject the light and embrace a Godless darkness instead (p. 181, The Other Side and Back). Perhaps this is just a cry for freedom, to be free from a manipulative, controlling Creator of the Universe sort of like a tyrannical dictator called God. The God who proclaims that He allows freewill contradicts himself because even though one is told that one has freewill, it just seems like one is being coerced into growth and development and so-called “perfection.” Even if you believe in the internal viewpoint of everything is One and that there is no outside Creator, there are always those who try to impose rules, regulations, and control over other people and so my original point still stands. The act of deviating from what is normal and what is desired by the majority should be allowed if freewill and freedom really did exist. This, of course, should also be applicable to the act of rejecting what constitutes the “Light.” Please keep in mind that the act of rejecting the Light is not same thing as causing severe physical harm to other people because the prior can be neutral and is passive whereas the later is active and intrusive.


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