Something to get off my Chest

Something to get off my Chest

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This is a discussion on Something to get off my Chest within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; This thread probably should had It's place in the Spam world, venting sub-section, but I think the thread wouldn't be ...

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    Something to get off my Chest

    This thread probably should had It's place in the Spam world, venting sub-section, but I think the thread wouldn't be taken seriously there, and neither I'm sure it will here, but I guess It's worth a shot.

    I've noticed that my releationship with the forum members here lately is at the edge.

    ... So how to put it? I have nothing against Transgenders, people can do whatever they want to. I even apologised sincerently for insulting the forum members for being transgenders, but I'm still being reminded about my actions when I already admited of it and apologized for so and repaying with kindness, furthely just fueling my frustration.

    I dont deny that I might be Fi user, but I think the typing method was... bad?

    You said that I have the free choice to choose whatever type fits me, but the thing is, I'm really unsure what type I am, I might be a Ti user, because I always question and rationalise stuff.

    I dunno, but when I make my own decision of choosing my type, I get pretty nasty reactions or responses because same said users disagree with my own type choice and think that I'm Fi user anyway, with rather bad criterias.

    Speaking of criterias, this forum has pretty bad taste towards Fi users in general it seems. In my almost entire time since I joined the typology community, Fi users generaly regarded of nasty stigmas and stereotypes, threads about how bad Fi users are are very common, their arguments and points never taken seriously, and when they neccesaringly see or regard someone having a 'Bad' argument, they will just get mass slapped with the Fi label in nasty ways, there was common posts I've come across where they claim that "Ohhh, dont waste your time arguing with an INFP", which furtherly proves my point here.

    On this note of my typing, the criteria that was mostly used to get myself typed was my reactive emotions, my envious streaks, frustrations and my mental illnesses, which I'm sure it can happen to every type and if they have Enneagram 4 was the only stuff that we're used, while my other personality traits and my contributions on the forums has just been completely discarded, and so the argument points I've tried to provide we're also completely put to silence and again, completely discarded. Does that sound fair to you?

    You may call me paranoid, or throw more insults towards me, but that just proves me that some people refuse to reconcile and put hostility from both parties aside, and thats very sad.
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