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Post a random Youtube video (interesting, amusing - whatever)

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    The Big Succ is cheeki breeki to the max!

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    The fact that the racist Australian Prime Minister, who also said people in island nations who experience dramatic flooding can pick Australia's fruit instead of maintaining the integrity of their own culture in the face of climate change, also "mansplained" to Greta Thunberg after this speech that she shouldn't scare children, is really worse than Donald Trump. At least Donnie is transparently a loathesome piece of shit. The fact that this trash dresses up his racism in survival by fruit picking, and downplays his own fossil fuel use and meat eating and industry upholding by saying Greta "shouldn't scare children" just makes me want to start a world war. I mean REALLY these imperialists have gone too far, this has been going on for like 200 years, these white men need to be drowned in the ocean right now.


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