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What are you doing right now?

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    Holding a toddler :-|

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    Doing homework about management and business administration. Right now, I’m taking a break because my brain feels like it is going to melt. My wrist also hurts from taking notes. So I’m hanging on PerC and listening to music.

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    Make an inhuman choice.

    I always choosing the good. But her.

    Batman said that where we think we have no choice we have in reality the most.

    Reality is not a plan or a game. uh
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    Watching Heroes, which utilizes the ensemble structure as it should—a stage upon which to tell the stories of multiple people—not unlike Robert Altman's ensemble pieces (notably Short Cuts and Nashville).

    The ensemble structure is one of the more abused design choices in film, with something like Crash (2005) representing the more gimmicky usage of it. The way it's shot can easily be abused where things get overcast with the "everything's all interconnected and shit" vibe with shallow, vapid, patronizing messages like "we're all prejudiced." Crash gets overburdened with preachiness that doesn't let those revelations unfold in more subtle or organic ways. Instead we get Ludacris launching into dumb conspiracies about why bus windows are so big (becuz systemic racism ofc).

    It's like me back in high school when I used to imitate Al Sharpton and play the race card for funzies.

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    Baking pie , ...doodling with thick .black .lines.
    Drinking a bowl of milk.

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    Math homework. Trying to get ahead.

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    I wanted to make a sandwich where you dip it in an egg, but my fridge was too cold one time and froze all my eggs. Now I have none because of that incident, and because I never got around to buying more.

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    I am writing up an analyses

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    Looking into my health issues.

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