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The Happy Birthday Thread :D

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This is a discussion on The Happy Birthday Thread :D within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Hey, happy birthday....

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    Hey, happy birthday.

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    Happy birthday

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    I am 18 today!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by I am justice! View Post
    I am 18 today!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday! If they have a Denny's in your country, and you bring in your I.D., you should be able to get a free Grand Slam. Not sure how those promotions work in other countries, but if so, go get yourself a free meal!
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    Um, if it's your birthday today, then happy birthday, kid.

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    Happy birthday to me. Can't wait to be able to start celebrating stuff again.
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    @SantaFox \o/ \o/ just wanted to say happy birthday from me.
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    Mah birthday will be in about 6 months

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    Tomorrows me birthday! ^_^
    I'll be 27 and I'm going to celebrate it along with my wife's cousin who has her birthday on the same day and is visiting with family to our small town.
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    Wellsy morrow, me just right after him. I feel so young, I could be 15 now.

    E: Celebration plans are in the hands of the more capable for the next weekend. I think I can tolerate one party per a year. At least for those few days there.

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