Say/share something about a person in your real life you have not told him/her

Say/share something about a person in your real life you have not told him/her

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This is a discussion on Say/share something about a person in your real life you have not told him/her within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; I never told my friends this (thank God they're not using PerC), but I have one male friend whom I ...

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    Say/share something about a person in your real life you have not told him/her

    I never told my friends this (thank God they're not using PerC), but I have one male friend whom I love above all other male friends. I always talk as if they are equal in my heart, but the truth is, I love him the most

    I always wished I could tell him this properly....

    Dear you,

    You have a very rare light inside you. You are humble unlike almost anyone I have ever known or come across. I always feel it when you are there for me, it's like you communicating a message to me to never give up even when I feel like everything is falling apart. I don't know if anyone has ever told you that your light is gentle, pure, kind, enduring yet you are strong, firm and protective. I secretly come to you for comfort more times than I show everyone else. You are a special friend to me, for once I have a friend that means this much. I would go through the hardest roads in my life if I ever had to save you. I never want to lose you even when life will change.

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    Dear you,

    You know that I'm physically attracted to you... but you probably don't know that you are perhaps THE biggest role model in my life. <3

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    You're being a dick to your roomate just when I'm becoming good friends with her you bastard!
    - to my twin

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    Oh, wie sehne ich mich nach dir.....

    Romance always sounds better in foreign languages, lol.

    This is if I had emotions, I might say something like this to someone in particular. Totally hypothetical, I mean, it's just dopamine and seratonin after all (I think) need to get carried away and start calling it love, right?

    Indeed, if anything infatuation might be more accurate. If this hypothetical were real of course.
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    Dear you,

    I'm so sorry I misinterpreted the situation. I will trust you from now on. I think it's up to me to find a balance. Things will be better from now on. :) I love you.

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    Person 1: Talk to me. I like you, I like your views, I like how you appreciate me. Don't back off. Just talk to me. I need someone like you in my life.
    Person 2: I hope you have something up your sleeve or this might end a lot sooner than planned.
    Person 3: I hate your guts and I have no idea what it is about you that makes everyone love and protect you so much. I want to break you down and show them what you are, but then I'll be the bad one, of course. You'll get what you deserve, eventually.
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    My friend,

    We almost never talk anymore since you got engaged. I understand that, though. On the other hand, it makes me happy. I had prayed that you will find a future wife who can make you very happy, and I know that you've found her.

    I feel so blessed to have known someone like you. Thank you for the times you tried to keep my heart from bruising too much over a heartbreak. Thank you for the times you put up with my nonsensical and over emotional messages. Thank you for being there, with patience, endurance and even putting up with me when I was acting both dramatic and on the verge of taking advantage.

    I wish for all the happiness that you need.

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    To you:

    I know that we have fallen with our friendship and I know that I am supposed to trust you.
    I can't. I have never confronted you on how badly you hurt me,you have no idea and what is worse?
    I don't think you would even care. You can be so cold sometimes,but I've seen you break I've seen you
    open up. So WHY? why would you do something like that to me? I know it was years ago but it really
    broke me inside more than you will ever know. YOU knew how much I was in love with him YOU knew how
    much I cared about him. Yet you still would do sexual things with him YOU would sneak around MY two best friends
    the only people I had to lean on and YOU were the cause of it. YOU should of never even done anything.
    It makes me so upset and so dissapointed and so so fucking sad to even think about it.
    You betrayed me and I know we talk a little still but I'm not sure If I can ever fully forgive you.
    Ever since then every little test I've given you , you have failed if you fail this new test
    then you are nothing at all ever again to me.

    To you:
    I'm so glad that were close,you just can bring out such a fun side to me. I've never really brought it
    out before. Yet I still think we might want to tone down the partying Juuuust a bit and focus on other things
    I mean still party of course : ) but try and actually learn something. I also think you deserve someone who wants YOU for YOU ,you're a beautiful girl and I feel like you let men use you as a sexual object you should want and you deserve so much
    more than that. You're more than just beautiful you have so much other things going on you have such
    a good soul it deserves to have someone see it and touch it fully.

    To You:
    I just want to tell you how sad you see to me,but I don't want you to get mad or hate me,I don't know you
    well at all but you just seem so sad.
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    Dear you,

    I don't think you know just how much you mean to me. I still think about you almost every day. If nothing else, I just want you to know that I understand. I understand why things couldn't work the way we wanted them to. I understand why you did the things you did. I understand why we can't be together right now. I need you to know that none of it matters. It's only one more month now until we can be together again. Until I can hold you in my arms and just forget the world and forget everything that has happened. Because none of it matters when I'm with you. I love you. I miss you.

    Felt pretty good to get that off my chest! Thanks for this thread!
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    You have been one of my closest friends for so many years, yet I still don't know why. I feel so often like you are too willing to get stuck into friendships because they are convenient and sometimes I worry this is all I am to you. I really meant it when I said that I feel like you hold back too much on what you think or feel about certain things. I won't judge you for what you say, even though I explained that so awkwardly badly that I wonder if you think I will. I know the future scares you, it scares me too. I don't know how you manage to forget about it though. I can try and numb myself in the present but I still can't escape it. I believe you will make it though. I just hope that one day I mean as much to you as I wish I did. You tell me emotions are more important than thought to you, but you still seem afraid of them. Maybe I intimidate you? I know I need to initiate contact more with you, but I've felt so cold lately, it scares me how I can be around people, but I will try for you

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