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How are you today?

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This is a discussion on How are you today? within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; good just at home...

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    good just at home

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    Emotionally, I'm good, homie. I'm cramping like a motha fucka though ._. I kinda really wish I could yank out my fucking uterus.

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    all things considered, suprisingly well

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    happy because valentine's day is coming up yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    have a valentine's ~o ;D
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    good to day is my littal step bros b-day and have a valentine ~o

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    over the top horny right nao.
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    Fuck today. Seriously.
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    Hell, I think I'm going to download a porn. JK... XD
    Gotta get those chocolate ready, I'm going hunting today!

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    Way over-excited, even giddy... like someone just ganged up on me and tickled me without mercy... and I can't stop laughing too.

    Good thing I'm not in public, or in Ye Olde England for that matter or they'd pass by me on the streets yelling "SHE'S MAD! MAD! MAD!!"

    I need an anti-giggles potion quick, where's that Dr. Jeckyl when you need 'em? On second thought he might make things worse, so wrong Doctor to go to.

    Eh, maybe I'll laugh myself to sleep if this keeps up.


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