What is your color season? Spring, summer, autumn, winter? FUN! :) - Page 12

What is your color season? Spring, summer, autumn, winter? FUN! :)

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    Warm autumn, this is really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    Edited: I was looking more into it, and I'm actually a deep autumn which makes perfect sense because I can dye my hair black and it looks good. I liked being able to reference back to the images after looking more into it.
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    I might be a warm or deep autumn, but it is so hard for me to tell. Clear spring is also a bit like me. It could also be wishful thinking (and I'm not an autumn at all) because I happen to like those color schemes most. These charts are really helpful, though, thank you for sharing.

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    I BADLY want to know mine! :(

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    Some context: If I don't have to dress up, I literally grab the first clean T-shirt I can find, toss on a pair of jeans and go out. If I do have to dress up, then I'll put some thought into what dress shirt to grab and make sure the tie doesn't look horrid when paired with that shirt. So, I looked over this and reasoned that I'm Deep Winter.

    And then when I looked at the recommended colors, I realized that about 99% of the clothes in my closet are the recommended colors for Deep Winter. And the 1% is mostly neckties, that I got as part of promotions-even the "standing out because it's too bright" teal shirt is still within the recommended. In other words, a guy who never keeps up with fashions and doesn't care to, raised by a mother who never kept up with fashions and never cared to (and dressed like a guy 90% of the time) picked up what are considered the best colors for his appearance on pure instinct. (Maybe this is why I ignore everyone trying to get me to dress differently: I already know what I wear works for me).

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    Soft summer. Just my luck, huh? I love orange and I HATE GRAY!

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    Deep autumn :-)

    I look best in warm, earthy colours like burnt orange, brown, gold...pink and white are good too :-) Cool colours make me look terrible, it's like they drain the energy from my face :-)

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    I'm a total Deep Winter! This is cool; I hadn't thought about it before! And it's totally true. I definitely look best in black and white as opposed to beiges or browns. It's all about contrast :)

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    Hi. I was wondering what my season could be.

    Here is my pic:

    I was wondering if I was a deep winter. Any comments?

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    I'm not sure if it's just the lighting, but you look like you might have some warmth in your eyes and facial hair. My first thought was deep or warm autumn.

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