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What did you last eat?

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    Big ass sub sandwich

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    I made a pizza crust of Swiss cheese, canned chicken, two eggs. Mixed it all up. Cooked it then put local tomatoes and grilled onions on it. Lovely.

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    i made gooseberry jam, baked a whole wheat cobloaf
    had them with butter and a glass of hot matcha
    (or physalis preserves)

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    Salad (blargh)
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    For lunch, I had a can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Chunky Heart Healthy Soup, one ounce of whole milk mozzarella cheese, a clementine orange, and a fistful of baby carrots.

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    Hot almond milk milo and some 70% cocoa dark chocolate.

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    Sno Ball coffee. It's coffee that tastes like a Hostess Sno Ball. Coconutty.
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