Intuitive or Not?

Intuitive or Not?

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This is a discussion on Intuitive or Not? within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Anyone ever heard of David Wilcock? Quote from youtube video: The Road to Ascension: David Wilcock Los Angeles, May/June 2007 ...

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    Intuitive or Not?

    Anyone ever heard of David Wilcock?

    Quote from youtube video:
    The Road to Ascension: David Wilcock
    Los Angeles, May/June 2007
    Our interview with David Wilcock is part of our redirecting our focus toward the future of our planet in the years leading up to 2012. As the self-professed reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, he's a good person to start with. In some ways, we've approached David less in the traditional interview mode and more with the stance that all we at Camelot had to do was to place the camera there and the rest would take care of itself. And so it happened. David is extremely well-read, eloquent and dynamic and was able to hit the ground running. He launches into a saga of his own spiritual journey of self discovery, how he came to the realization of one of his past lives as Edgar Cayce, his meetings with members of the Black Ops community and ultimate introduction into the world of the Illuminati, his exposure to the Law of One, Ra material and his scientific investigations.

    Wrapping his own considerable channeling abilities into a vast and lucid review of the scientific basis for the coming changes around 2012, this interview promises to raise many questions and provoke great deal of thought in the viewer. To his credit, in this lifetime, David has duly recognized the areas where his prior self required growth and has set to work rectifying these things with a frank self appraisal in the spirit of truth. He has not lost his former channeling ability but in this lifetime has complimented that skill with a solid grounding in science to augment his knowledge and gain greater leverage into the social and mental thought framework of today's world. He's currently working with Richard Hoagland on an investigation into the planetary changes surrounding 2012, and is the co-author of the extremely important and well-researched article to be found on Hoagland's website titled The Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow. This is recommended reading for all.

    In presenting this material, we at Project Camelot recognize that some of this material is contentious, and encourage everyone to consider David's conclusions in the spirit of open inquiry and as part of an ongoing investigation into the mystery surrounding 2012.

    Leave anything of interest.... I'm just curious is to what people will say to this.
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    you like stirring the s*** huh?


    *pulls up a chair and munches on popcorn

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    Well, I prefer waiting until 2012, might even increase the amusement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schattenjaeger View Post
    Well, I prefer waiting until 2012, might even increase the amusement.
    Yeah i think I will wait too. Better than sitting through hours of interviews.

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    Where is Marino when you need him? Can't wait to listen to his rant

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    what a lame response guys

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    Hey, I stir the s*** around here enough... go for it !

    Can't I just sit back and enjoy the show every now and again?

    I can't wait to hear what people say about this!


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