Stupid Question/Stupid Answer Thread

Stupid Question/Stupid Answer Thread

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This is a discussion on Stupid Question/Stupid Answer Thread within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; The name says it all: You ask a stupid question, you can expect a stupid answer. The perfect thread for ...

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    Stupid Question/Stupid Answer Thread

    The name says it all:

    You ask a stupid question, you can expect a stupid answer.

    The perfect thread for all those questions you've never asked for fear of looking stupid!

    Only it'll be the other way around because you'll be giving a stupid answer first to the poster above.

    To kick start it:

    Why do people bother going to sleep, when they're just going to wake up again?
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    Because the world sucks and sleep means people from having to tolerate it just a little less.

    Why can't we all just get along?

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    Because someone has to be the best at everything and it can't be just one person.

    If Shakespear knew Brutus was plotting to stab Julius, why didn't he stop him?
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    Because Shakespeare hated how Caeser's red shoes clashed with his toga.

    Why would a woodchuck ever want to know how to chuck wood?
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    Because chucking wood is a very important factor for improving mathematics, Norrisism, and tongue-twisting abilities.

    If I'm a Pisces, what can I do to attract fire signs?

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    1. Get a metal sign.
    2. Cover it in paper.
    3. Set the paper on fire.
    4. Get a huge electromagnet.
    5. ???
    6. PROFIT!!!

    Why are internet memes funny?

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    Because it's almost semen spelt backwards.

    Do you think teh friendly mushroom in @Angelic Gardevoir 's is siggy happy because he's a cannibal?
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    Most definitely. Why else would Tenma be scared?

    Is Carmen Sandiego in your bathroom?

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    Maybe, I can't see here. She could be hiding in a vortex or something.

    What is this thread not picking up? :( I thought it would be easy to be stupid!

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    Because you can't rely on people, ever.

    Did the Americans really kill Osama?

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