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What do you currently desire?

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    Wishing I could wear box braids and not look ridiculous :(

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    I want my insanity back.
    Attempting to master a form of sanity always drives me crazy.
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    The ability to keep emotions in control.

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    i want to spend a night rubbing, sucking and fxxking like nothing else

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    My own apartment.

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    To be around less silly or less unstable people

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    Quote Originally Posted by raschel View Post
    To be around less silly or less unstable people
    amen and hallelujah

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penny View Post
    amen and hallelujah
    I was in horror after writing it, realizing I have a lot of people under that list

    One being my whole department at work

    That is too many! It doesn't make any sense.

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    For someone to write my dissertation.

    I can do the work, I just don't want to write it
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