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What do you currently desire?

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This is a discussion on What do you currently desire? within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; That my tattoo shop was actually open. WTF I've been waiting for this. No return of the semi double nose ...

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    That my tattoo shop was actually open. WTF I've been waiting for this.

    No return of the semi double nose rings for at least a month but I can find something there although it's more likely that I get blessed with eternal luck, happiness and self containment rather than that. Oh well, I got more ideas and I'll get more money too one way or another... I didn't find a bear/panda hat either (still there? Still there) but at leasT I got lots of cool shit and drinks.

    I also desire that my suitcase packs itself and my driver license pops out.

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    Have to finish my driver licence too. And I really hate to drive ~

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    I desire a fix for this Skyrim bug that makes Heimskr stop preaching. Whiterun just isn't the same without his delusional ranting.
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    A hot guy to give me a massage and a good night's sleep.
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    Sleep. I'm sleepy but am not home yet. Just came from an annual company party. I'm drunk a little and very sleepy. Zzzz

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    An anti-anxiety vaccine.

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    The ability to sleep. Past 5 am now. I forgot how to sleep. Every time I am less than a minute away from falling asleep, I wake myself up. So now I decided to distract myself for a while to start over soon.

    Also, I hate this mattress, and it is too hot.
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    No longer food. For it to rain.
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    A bullet, mostly. Or a time machine, but I think the former is probably more feasible.


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