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This is a discussion on Fairy Tales within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Originally Posted by Apple Pine So...Yesterday I participated in golden wedding anniversary... It was so...Traditional like, I mean music, games ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apple Pine View Post
    So...Yesterday I participated in golden wedding anniversary...

    It was so...Traditional like, I mean music, games for the audience were mostly annoying. Especially music. Music like....Youtube-search "Cicinas', or "Svieski man vel". They danced for hours. In groups. Like they were from jungle. Tribesmen. lol

    Every discussion there was a small talk. I survived tho. Thanks to the idea of recording the videos, and a cousin - I talked with her for a while. lol [She's ESTP/ESFP/ENFJ]

    It was cool overall whatsoever. Fresh experience. Somewhat.

    Here's some neutral pics:


    I fooled people with sprite in that small glass. They thought I drank vodka with them. lol
    Vasaris reminded me of this song.

    Nice party.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nburns View Post
    Okay. I'm not judging. I'm just telling you that that's what is meant by 9ish sloth.

    "It would be too much trouble."
    "Why bother?"
    "Don't need it."
    Is that purely 9ish sloth? I could see it being explained by others type motivations i.e. 5s minimising needs, 6ish avoidance etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlet Eyes View Post
    He's most likely an 8w7, so you're right about that
    It's pretty impressive the artist could capture his personality on his face! (I remember reading a couple of volumes of Black Butler, but not really my opinion on it. Is it good? I started reading it alongside Pandora Hearts and PH distracted me...)

    An Fi type who loops more times than I'd prefer

    Hmm, safe excitement sounds contradictory, but intriguing. Though, depending on my mood, I'd probably pick more mundane activities in a fictional world than life-threatening dangers at every turn. As long as I get to meet the characters, that is.
    Ahh, yeah I understand that feeling!

    Well, it's the kind of mundane activities - they're mundane in that world, but they'd be very interesting for me. And there's a focus on independent learning/doing things at your own pace, which I like.
    Haha, meeting the characters has never been a priority for me because... I think it might be awkward somehow. And lots of good characters wouldn't be very good people...
    These emojis could be used out of context so easily. There's another language in these.

    Detached seems to be a trait for type 5s, but a simple word can easily cause a lot of stereotypes.

    I'm sure people have asked you this before. Still, on the question of 9 or 5, which type's core fears and motivations do you relate to the most?
    True, true. Out of 5 and 9, I personally relate more to 5 fears/motivations. (After input on the typing thread I made, I need to look at more types though!)

    Ha, I'm sure there are some 9s who are skilled at math. And some 4s who aren't the best at art, but the need for expression's still there. And that is some impeccable logic you got there
    Nooo, I was just being silly Of course all types can be equally good at all subjects.

    Which is why I like to shut the world out at times. Too much people, noise, and confusion.

    Well, there's plenty to do there, with dozens of small shops and restaurants that my class went to after their competitions. Plus there was a huge park with dozens of shining white lights strewn around the trees. It was quite lovely. Too bad we weren't allowed to go outside until late at night.

    Aw, that's a shame.. It's kind of nice to see places at night too - it gives a new angle to it. But it was nice anyway, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nburns View Post
    How do you know Kant is a 1?
    its a joke.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beauty Like The Night View Post
    No, I love purple prose! That's like my whole thing)
    I don't remember honestly) it was just... Hm, maybe very Fi. Precise in a way I feel I should appreciate, but don't. :(
    Oh, okay. I like it sometimes - like Tolkein is probably purple-ish? And Gormenghast - but it can be wincey at times..

    Haha, maybe the author was writing it about something very personal to them and didn't manage to make it more universally applicable in feeling?

    Quote Originally Posted by Barakiel View Post
    Hm, well, it depends, again, if you value the lives of animals. I personally don't (even though you say that's like not valuing the life of anything... which is possible, I suppose, but that's just using me as an example), but then again, I haven't really been hunting either, just treating it as a theoretical. I get the feeling this topic isn't one I can bend and manipulate, since I don't really understand the viewpoint I'm advocating for myself. But, like many other things, I'd say that you can't rule out possible options as to why they do that, I'd need to hear it from someone arguing for it to really be sure. And now I'm running out of things to say as a counterpoint, absolutely splendid for an argument.
    The thing is, there's no justification for hunting for fun - other than 'oh, they're just animals' which isn't a justification but an excuse and a cowardly psychological technique to alleviate guilt. If you value the lives of humans (which are animals) but not other creatures, you're a moral hypocrite. If you value no lives, well, just make a conscious effort not to cause harm to others because they probably value their own lives and that should be respected.

    Quote Originally Posted by lets mosey View Post
    Guys, I keep dreaming with eggs. They just have a way of showing up in the narrative.
    Do you... do you really want some eggs?
    The Meaning of Eggs in a Dream | The Dream Well

    (I had a nightmare last night that woke me up and I can't remember much aside from the fact the faces of people were very weird and creepy and at one point I was stood looking down into a living room and one of the creepy people was sat in front of the TV (which was showing just static), then slowly turned to look at me...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by owlet View Post
    tobias was one of my favourites because he was a bird for most of it (and got the coolest scenes, often). Yeah, names are just... How do parents even name their children? (are beginnings just hard for everyone or something? Should we just not write beginnings?)

    hahaha (this is like me and @tad cooper doing the thing of 'we're like twins')
    twins?! Us?
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    Made a for-fun video for a different site to get opinions on my JCFs. Good god is it weird once your face is on video lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tad Cooper View Post
    twins?! Us?
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    Interesting video - wondering people's thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lanturn View Post
    Made a for-fun video for a different site to get opinions on my JCFs. Good god is it weird once your face is on video lol
    I know the feeling - me and @Tad Cooper made a video for Tad's JCF typing and it was so awkward..

    Would you be interested in opinions from here? (I could pay you back for helping on the enneagram thread!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by owlet View Post

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