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This is a discussion on dumping ground for cool lyrics you like within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Originally Posted by i cant play the piano i'm still trapped in a middle school slow dance stepping on toes ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by i cant play the piano View Post
    i'm still trapped in a middle school slow dance stepping on toes in a mistletoe romance
    Beautiful song. Also, I'm going to abuse this thread. ^^ You have no idea how much I love posting lyrics.

    "I’m not a person of my words anymore
    I exist inside a dream that was started by a child that now lives inside of me
    I can’t play anymore
    I’m falling off the edge and fighting every urge I’ve ever had to strike it down and leave it dead"

    Grieves, in "The Room We Hide In."
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    All aboard the mothership, prepare to set sail
    Lyrics fat, swell as a killer whale
    Enemies approachin', identify yourself
    They're raisin' up the flag, backin' up they get to blast
    Open fire, cannons let loose
    Shut 'em down like the Spruce Goose
    Captain - aye aye - they still floatin'
    Give the order - blow they punk ass out the ocean, got 'em
    Drink hit the dank, as they sink to the bottom
    Schools of sharks circled, and the sea turned all purple
    Even Jacques Costeau punk-ass was scared to go
    And that just goes to show to uhh, let you know, uhh
    As I chill again like Gilligan and the Skipper
    A nigga kickin' it with two hoes like Jack Tripper
    Swabbin' the deck, just Stabbin' in my Cabin
    Rubbed the magic lamp and out popped Aladdin like "What's happenin'?"
    I said, "What's up? I want my rhymes to be the dopest"
    Ala.. cadabara.. hocus pocus
    "You think they can see me?"
    He said, "Nope not really,
    Cause the fog's in the air plus you're way out there"

    King Tee, 'Way Out There', 1994

    Yo I told you man, I don't play around with the music
    I'm funkdafied, blowin' up acoustics
    I'm rather remarkable when I kick the matter
    Skilled in the field of rough grammar
    I electrify and intoxicate, the moment,
    I branch out and crush my opponent
    It's Super Nigga in the skies, wild mannered
    Reportin' on the sound, you got to gets down
    Like I told ya, and peep you can write it in your book
    Cause, yo - that's that shit with that Soul Train hook, yeah
    The blackness gets stronger, the soul gets deep
    Make room for Tha Alkaholik sheik
    I persist to be the infinite all-time great
    I'm told that my name gained weight
    Since the past, so hell, let me take it on the blast
    Yo yo, pass the rug before I bust my ass

    King Tee 'Let's Get It On (ft. Nikke Nicole)', 1994

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    "Sometimes I hate everyone and everything
    To the world itself
    Even though I'm the portrait of health
    And been blessed with many things
    Cause when it seems life's beginning to take a splendid lead
    Suddenly, everything tends to lean negatively
    I used to feel my luck was bled from me at seventeen
    Because ever since positive outcomes have been seldom seen
    They tell me that bouts with doubt can self-fulfill prophetically
    And that's prolly why John & Paul said that it's best to Let It Be
    And I use to be the cat with plenty kinetic energy
    Happy go lucky, Mr. Follow-Your-Dream-And-Set-It-Free
    But over the years, son, I've been jaded to the Nth degree
    I hate it, cause my sense of grief is blatant and my friends agree
    See, people's selfish deeds lead to my bleak expectancy
    (Like) If I catch the E, I never expect to see an empty seat
    (Nice) But in typical fashion, this'll pass until my next defeat
    Until I'm stressing deep and forced to beg and plea
    Till then we'll sing"

    "I just remember that every dream comes with a scar
    When I see something I want
    When it seems nothing is wrong
    I gotta keep telling myself to stop
    Waitin' for the other foot to drop
    Live in the moment
    Sit on the throne and just take a look from the top
    It's a whole other perspective to see the good that you got
    Now, if it's an omen, quit with the moanin'
    Don't let it push you to flop
    That's like being spooked at the doc since you was a baby
    Still shook from the shot
    Don't imagine a tragic end to the book, when there's not
    You gotta try to rewrite in spite of how crooked the plot"

    "Now, when you go this long uphill, you lose the will to climb it
    So I wrote this song to remind me of the silver linin'
    In a world this wrong, gotta carry a sword that's strong
    And slice 'em all with smiles
    Y'all, I fight 'em as I kill with kindness
    Nobody wants a Bitter Benny or a Debbie Downer
    Or a Sad Sam that be wrapping a wet blanket around them
    Keep a sunny disposition, breathe out
    Cause life has a way of stripping the paint off of your dream house
    It's simple, indeed these things seem to be easy to see
    But they easily flee your mind as you find repeated deceit
    Now, there's reasons the weak of will never dream or believe
    Before they leap, they concede to defeat and agree to retreat"

    Tonedeff, various lines from "Optimist."
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    Teen drinking, is very bad
    Yo, I got a fake I.D. tho
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    my teacher said i'm a loser i told her why don't you kill me i give a fuck if you fail me i'm gonna foooollow my heart
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    "All the way the paper bag was on my knee,
    Man I had a dreadful flight..."
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    "Our nails are all clean no more work on the farm
    we've grown sophisticated and we've worked on our charm
    you boss me around, you're under dirt in my yard
    we assemble calmly, torches burn in the dark
    The dapper mob, death before bedragglement"

    "A refined sense of cool born of the essence of madness
    cut clean to manipulate the impressionable savage
    my squad will stomp you with excellent manners
    offer you your last word 'cause etiquette matters"

    "If you've heard the word then we've dealt with it
    so delicate spotless elegance
    I paint the town red and get no blood on my slacks
    this money don't make its self so I don't fucking relax"

    The verses from Sapient's, "The Dapper Mob."
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    A little birdie whispered in my ear
    You've been cooking up a world of fear
    Put your hands in things you should have known
    You was riding in the danger zone

    Well you had us all fooled with your quarterback smile
    And your crocodile tears there for a while
    And my paradigm shifted, man you're making me shout

    Hey, from here from out
    Friends are gonna be hard to come by
    Left us wonderin' what it all was about
    He had it easy, man he chose the hard way
    Walk that old, lonely road in the shadow of a doubt
    From here on out

    Should our paths ever decide to cross
    You may wonder what the trouble cost
    That don't matter now, life goes on
    Hallelujah, the troubles' gone

    No sense in holdin' grudges and it's better to forgive
    These are things that I must learn, to practice while I live
    And my paradigm shifted, man you're making me shout

    Hey, from here on out
    Friends are gonna be hard to come by
    Left us wonderin' what it all was about
    He had it easy, man he chose the hard way
    Walk that old, lonely road in the shadow of a doubt

    Hey, from here on out
    Let the bugle blow a song of peace time
    Left us wonderin' what it all was about
    You may deny it but you carry it with you
    Down that old lonely road in the shadow of a doubt
    Yeah, from here on out

    The Killers-From Here On Out

    ^One of the few songs that perfectly captures my life. :p
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    press my buttons baby press my fucking buttons baby

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    And too much blood has flown from the wrists
    Of the children shamed for those they chose to kiss
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