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This is a discussion on Fashion within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; How does everyone here dress? Fashionably? Not so fashionably? Any nudists? My usual outfit (whether I'm staying home or going ...

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    How does everyone here dress? Fashionably? Not so fashionably? Any nudists?

    My usual outfit (whether I'm staying home or going out): random T-shirt, plaid pajama pants. And a hoodie if I'm cold. And a beanie if my hair is poofier than usual. Also, I like blue jeans--not too baggy, not too tight--and my favorite shoes are black canvas Vans slip-ons. In short: I'm a total grungebag. I prefer comfort over fashion.


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    Comfort first and foremost. Looks are only important insofar as I don't look ridiculous to myself.

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    I where what I want ... I wear what I feel good in and what I like. Some of which maybe "hip" some of which maybe "not so hip".

    I like somewhat baggy jeans that are longer then my legs. When at home I do not where shoes and if I need to walk on, say, rocks? then I can walk on my jean legs.

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    I buy mostly comfortable clothes and stuff I really like not by any particular style or what is hip. But if you buy clothes regularly you pretty much stays with the trends anyway. There's no real style, I wear what ever fits me that day. Nothing I really think about, just put them on. Sometimes I'll wear a shirt and pants other days jeans and a hoodie.

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    Whatever is closest to me off of the floor, usually some dirty black jeans that are supposed to be skinny but haven't been washed in weeks & are stretched out, a t-shirt, & since it is winter, a sweatshirt & coat, complete with either high top sneakers or flats, in red. Beanie if I haven't showered. I rarely wear socks. Grunge for sure, sometimes just plain gross haha. If I feel like looking cute I'll wear a silky blouse.

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    I wear clothing that is simultaneously physically comfortable and symbolically expressive of the kind of person I am. I wear long, flowing dresses and skirts with long flowing coats over them, Birkenstock sandals (when I'm not barefoot), and rarely wear jewelry. I don't like rings or bracelets, but I do have a necklace that is an arrowhead chipped from a broken mirror that I bought from a talented street artist. I like to wear ribbons in my hair, or leave it down so it flows, just to be consistent with everything else. I like muted colors, particularly grayed-down purple, blue or green. I like long, flowing scarves of gauzy material. I like wearing shawls because they make my lack of wings less apparent. I have always felt that I should have wings. I only shop at second hand stores and garage sales.

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    Highly fashionable clothes turn me off from buying them, I don't get my clothes from fashionable or cool clothes stores. My clothes are cheap priced from 2nd hand places or a NZ store called The Warehouse, my jacket though is from an asian store.

    All of my pants I wear are baggy, and I mostly wear long sleeved clothes. I mostly wear my cargo pants and black long sleeve t-shirt which was a skivvy, but I cut the turtle neck and the cuffs off it.

    Sometimes I'll "modify" old clothes that I hardly wear by cutting things off them, my old tie-dye t-shirt is now a singlet. In terms of hats, I have a brown fedora which I took the band of off, and manipulated the shape of it in order to make it more floppy, I had that hat for a couple years, and now it's got a big rip through it. I recently got a new hat which looks like these:

    But the sides of the brim on my hat go up more, it came without a band and it's brown, I used the sleeve from my old t-shirt to cover most of the body of the hat so now it looks more wizard like.

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    I'll usually dress comfortably, though if I think something looks really good I'll sacrifice my comfort. Wearing a suit is a good example. Who doesn't look good in a suit, right?

    I try to keep to my style without mindlessly submitting to trends. My style is usually: whatever kind of pants I like with a button-down shirt.
    Of course, I love my Dr. Marten's shoes....

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    I try to dress as high class as possible, even though it's hard with my extremely limited budget. I try to look decent and professional. Clothes show what kind of person you are.

    I usually wear jeans, simply because I couldn't find other pants yet. Jeans are good when other good pants can't be currently found through shopping. Sometimes I wear cargoes. Since the weather is cold over here, I wear a jacket as well. I try not to wear thick jackets though, they're hard to carry when you take them off. I have lots of t-shirts and 2 flannels that I wear. Also 1 long-sleeve shirt to keep me warm during the winter.
    I tend to wear t-shirts that reveal my body, so it's medium size. I do have some large size t-shirts which I'm fine with, but I don't like them too much. I have 3 novelty t-shirts that I wear for fun.
    One of the flannels are worn buttoned. That's the only way it looks good. The other flannel is better worn unbuttoned with a special t-shirt that matches with it for that purpose. Both flannels are worn with sleeves folded up once.
    I have two pairs of jeans. One of dark and the other is light-colored. Both jeans are soft and comfortable. I wear regular fit and thin-regular fit. I also have some brown jean-pants which match up with my brown button t-shirts and brown striped button t-shirts with american eagle browns shoes.
    I have about 8 pair of shoes. one pair can only be worn in warm weathers. It's called Shaq sneakers. Then there's the American Eagle brown shoes (for green cargoes) which I can't wear during cold weathers in the winter time. I have the Timberland boots for the snowy days. The rest are Adidas Superstar 2 Camo (for jeans), Nike Cortez Basic Navy Blue(for DDR and cargoes), Adidas Italia Navy Blue(for jeans), and 2 pairs of other shoes which almost serve no purpose.
    I gel my hair back so it doesn't obstruct my view as well as giving me a more mature look.

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    I didn't have time to take a shower today before I went to the bank, so I wore a pair of light blue, breakaway athletic pants (with the snaps down the side); brown dressy sandals/white socks, a gray hooded sweatshirt, and a long black wool coat. - A rather strange ensemble that resulted from the fact that sometimes I just don't care what I look like or what people think about me. However, after I took a shower, I went out to eat with my family and wore a pair of khakis, Dr. Martens, and a sweater that I bought from Express. I mention the brand name out of irony; because I have written threads about materialism and the stupidity of paying more money for a name. I like a lot of clothes from Express, but I'm rarely willing to pay their steep prices. A couple of months ago, I saw a sweater that I really liked, but it was $60.00 and I couldn't bring myself to pay that much money for a sweater. Well, they knocked the price down to 50% off for the holidays and I succumbed. I wouldn't say that I'm necessarily fashion conscious, but how you dress can send a message to people; so depending on what message I'm trying to send will influence what I choose to wear on any particular day.

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