What is your first crush

What is your first crush

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This is a discussion on What is your first crush within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Hi. When I was in High school, My first crush with my English Teacher. I always try to impress her. ...

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    What is your first crush

    When I was in High school, My first crush with my English Teacher. I always try to impress her. I always want to take attention from her.What was your crush and whom?
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    My first crush was a boy named Jon. He had blue eyes and blonde hair. The first time I saw him was at my neighborhood friend's house. All the kids were over because her dog just had puppies. He picked one up & it peed on him. I was in love. He was my first kiss. We wrestled in his yard like Simba & Nala. One night in my backyard we were roasting marshmallows. Instead of blowing his fireball marshmallow out he shook the stick, flinging bits of molten marshmallow everywhere. One bit landed on my arm. I still have the scar. He bought me a teddy bear that I treasured dearly & cut up with scissors when he moved away without telling me <3 haha

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    my first crush was when this big guy hugged me at a basketball match when the team we were supporting won, he was pretty strong and pretty happy
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    My first crush was on a boy named Ian when I was in the first grade. He liked to memorize movie dialogues so he could act them out with his friends. He was very good with words, loved to write the most interesting stories, drew pictures of dragons and other mystical creatures, and always smelled like fabric softener, and I would sniff his coat on the coat rack when he wasn't watching. I tried to make up games that would inspire him to chase me on the playground, like when we learned about the different kinds of dinosaurs. I had him pretend to be a kind of dinosaur that ate the kind I was pretending to be, then I would let him catch me on purpose. I got the most beautiful glowing feeling when he hugged me. I was quickly addicted. By the third grade, he no longer associated with me, and he started playing mostly on the swings at recess so he could pretend he was flying. He still made sound effects. I became very shy and would spend most of my time getting up the courage to use the swing at the opposite end of the same swingset so I could observe him from a distance. In the fifth grade, he picked on me like anyone else. I protected him from being teased by lying to the other children, saying I had a crush on the popular jock instead. I was paranoid that people would be able to tell anyhow, so I made sure to look in both directions if I ever looked in his. In the eighth grade, I finally got up the courage to let him know that I had been in love with him for years. I wrote him a poem. He looked at it, handed it back, frowned and said nothing. He was a much better writer than I was, and I was embarrassed to even try. The next day, his friends were making fun of me about it. I gave up hope, and the crush ended as quickly as it had begun.
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    My first crush was on a plastic toy dog when I was four or something. O_o

    Strange that I haven't become a furry or anything...
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    My first crush was in kindergarten, with a boy named Tommy. we sat next to each other and he would always talk to me during class and i would always listen, and it'd get us both in trouble. i'd help him do his projects and he'd fling himself after anything i might have dropped immediately after i dropped it (also getting us both in trouble) and he'd draw me things that would make me smile and pass them to me like notes. Also getting us both in trouble. The stupid teacher was so vindictive that she made sure we were separated in first grade, and it was really too bad because we were both too shy the next year, they made us feel like we were bad and had to be punished, being actively separated like that. So we went to school together all through highschool and never talked again. I did look for him at the reunion but he wasn't there. This makes me want to google him.... nope, nothing.
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    This thread is so adorable! :] It's such a nice feeling to reminisce about past friendships.

    My first crush wasn't until 4th grade. He was smart and witty, outgoing and fearless. Everything I wasn't.
    I think I admired him more than anything. We were best friends and would spend hours on the phone each night talking about our dreams and school. He introduced me to runescape and neopets. And encouraged me to write more often.
    Of course, we teased one another. I was naive and he had influenced me in bad ways. :] This was the year I discovered how invigorating swear words can be, thanks fully to him.
    In truth, that was the last good year I had. I think that's partly why he has become so dear to me still.
    In 5th grade, we were in different classes and went our separate ways. I regrettably haven't talked to him since then.

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    My first crush was when i was 8 years old. It was a boy i my class in first grade. He was very cute, and not as loud and "trying to be cool" as the other boys. He was much more sensitive, not shy really, but more gentle in his personality. One day he sent me a letter and told me he was in love with me (BRAVE!!!).

    I replied and we were actually a steady couple for about two years. I remember he used to sleep over and we giggled and talked until late. One time he bought candy... "Strawberry threads" http://tsampa.org/family/gingerbread...gubbssnore.jpg and wanted to play Lady and the Tramp. You know, when eating the same spaghetti and finally kiss. So cute. :)
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    Hi Friends.

    My first crush was a girl named Romana. She had little big eyes and long hair. The first time I met her at my 11th class. And the first sight I was fall in her love. She was also love me after 5 month of my effort to conveyance her . we were spent lots of time in talking on mobile phone.
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    I used to have huge crushes on movie characters -- long crushes. I think my first was probably "Kyle" from Terminator. I always liked the quiet and tormented guys.
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