How do you recognize people?

How do you recognize people?

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This is a discussion on How do you recognize people? within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; I've noticed in the past that I recognize people primarily by their eyes: if someone is wearing sunglasses, I can ...

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    How do you recognize people?

    I've noticed in the past that I recognize people primarily by their eyes: if someone is wearing sunglasses, I can have a hard time telling who they are.
    Also, if I'm used to seeing someone wear a very distinctive article of clothing (a purple sweatshirt, a bright red jacket) and they aren't wearing it, I have a hard time recognizing them.
    Anyone have similar experiences?
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    I primarily recognize others by how tall they are. I'm 4'11", and sometimes picked on for my height, so I can be rather sensitive to the heights of others. There's nothing like meeting someone shorter than you.

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    Their voice, and ultimately their presences. You know know who someone is when you've been around them long enough, and they walk in the room.. you just feel them there.

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    The voice is the strongest trait I notice.
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    Uhh I've never thought about it but I'd say their presence. Some people give off a far different "feeling" than others. I realize this thread is about recognizing people you already know but this is how I get a feel for anyone. Its a trained skill, but when I enter a room I look around the room and try to get a feel for who everyone is, you know?

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    I've noticed that I recognize people by their gait. This happens especially if they have their back to me or it is dark.
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    Their voice and their body shape. I'm very good at this. I can recognize a person in the most blurred photo from their body shape.

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    Most often their voice, but also their eyes and sometimes even their nose.

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    By their vibe or energy. I'm pretty good picking up that immediately.

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    Just hearing their voice is enough for me. However, also tend to recognize people for what they are wearing that day. If they change clothing or take something off, it befuddles my mind and takes me a few moments to deduce who they are.

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