What Are Your First Thoughts When You Wake Up?

What Are Your First Thoughts When You Wake Up?

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This is a discussion on What Are Your First Thoughts When You Wake Up? within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; I think there is another thread like this, but I can't find it. What are your thoughts in the morning ...

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    What Are Your First Thoughts When You Wake Up?

    I think there is another thread like this, but I can't find it.

    What are your thoughts in the morning (or in the afternoon) when you first wake up? Mine are usually Intuitive in nature. I don't think about my plans for the day or what I'm about to do. I always think, "Why did I wake up; and what is my purpose in life?" It's incredibly depressing sometimes. As the day goes on, I don't focus so much on these questions although they're still lingering in the back of my mind.
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    Fuck!!! Another day in the hell hole.

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    I usually wake up fantasizing about cuddling my boyfriend or hugging my friends. As soon as I have control over my thoughts, I think "Wow, I'm still breathing. Does everything feel okay? Lungs work, heart's beating, no pain in my limbs, swallow okay, yeah, I guess I'm probably alive and in working order." Then I try to remember my dreams so I can figure out what they mean.
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    Am I supposed to be able to think when I first wake up?

    I think different things, I suppose. Sometimes I look around my room and think, "Oh god, what happened here?!" Other times I think, "Please tell me what I believe to be memories of last night are in fact brief glimpses of a nightmare and nothing more." Then I usually check my phone history...

    Actually, I love the mornings. Usually I'm happiest in the morning - especially weekend mornings. I don't really have dark thoughts unless something specific is going on that I am bothered by. Generally, I reflect on how I am feeling about things in general - relationships with different people, things I am working towards, etc. Often I wake up with the answer to some issue I've been dealing with or some matter of confusion suddenly makes sense.

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    I usually wake up and think about how I sleep alone every night and how nice it would be to wake up to someone...other than my cat.
    I know...depressing. But it's the truth.
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    hmmm it would be interesting to pay attention to exactly what i think. often it will be about whatever crazy dream i just had. but more often than not i wake up staring (internally) into the huge gaping hole between who/where i am and who/where i want to be. then i try to force myself to think of what i can do to bridge that gap, which is no fun so i go have coffee and daydream some before getting around to doing anything at all.
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    For me... generally speaking... I think about the dream I had (I am a bit disoriented). I think to myself ugh... morning already? UGH! School already......... I want to sleeep~~~~~~~~~ then force myself out of bed by any means necessary.. yeah even rolling so I drop to the floor.
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    I'm so glad I don't have to wake up into a reality that causes me immediate anxiety anymore. Yay for freedom from school and bad relationships. I love my life.
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    If it is a work day at my cubical job, my first thought is "oh no, not another day working around those emotional retards. I wonder what kind of stupid unemotional thing they are going to do today?" If it is day running my business or on a day I don't have to work it is "Oh wow, a day of freedom from the emotional retards." Needless to say I don't like being around emotional retards.
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    I have a habit of thinking, and reacting, in an emotional way to what ever dream I have had. During my dreams, everything is accepted, never questioned; I never feel anything during the time, even nightmares. Following that, there's an assessment of the order of things, such as what activity is going on, if my CD Player's batteries need to be recharged, and all such things. Anything after that is a return to normal thinking, and the day has begun.

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