Battle Arena For Personal Disagreements

Battle Arena For Personal Disagreements

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This is a discussion on Battle Arena For Personal Disagreements within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; It recently occurred to me that there are certain pairs of members who repeatedly engage in heated disagreements in just ...

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    Battle Arena For Personal Disagreements

    It recently occurred to me that there are certain pairs of members who repeatedly engage in heated disagreements in just about every thread that comes up. Here is my proposed solution for such opposed pairs:

    Battle it out here, where you can argue as freely as you please without having to worry about derailing threads. All of your arguments will be visible, to prevent dishonesty. You may argue about anything you please as long as you do it here.

    Here are the rules (subject to change as I think of new ones):

    1) Once a pair of competitors has been established, that pair may receive no outside help from other participants.

    2) A person who has been challenged to a duel may decline without counting that decision as a defeat by the opponent.

    3) The battle ends when one of the participants admits defeat or forfeits. The battle may also be ended by both participants agreeing on a compromise, reaching a mutually satisfactory understanding, or agreeing to disagree permanently without further conflict. If one of the participants fails to respond to the opponent within a week of the last post without a resolution having been achieved, that participant is disqualified from the battle, but may re-challenge the same opponent as many times as necessary, even on the same topic, until a resolution is reached.

    4) Opponents may use internet sources or other sources (books, videos, scientific documents) to support an argument, but must provide either a link verifying the information or some kind of details that will allow the opponent to verify the source.

    5) Pick any topic: transhumanism, gay marriage, vegetarianism, abortion, feminism, religion, politics, whether the moon is made of green cheese, or whatever it is you want to fight about. No topic is off limits, but the topic must be stated when the opponent is initially challenged to the duel.

    Here is an example of how to state the challenge: "Snail challenges Lance to a battle on Vegetarianism" Then you can give an opening statement about why you want the challenge.
    (This is just an example, not an actual challenge, in case Lance is reading this!), who will it be? Step right up and be the first to bring your battle to my arena! I can think of at least three different pairs of opponents who would benefit, right off the top of my head, and I'm sure there are plenty I haven't even considered. Come to the arena and challenge your rival.

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    Seems like a good idea but it is still a debate right?

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    Okay, you can move it to the debate forum, Lance. My bad. It might allow individuals to get to the core of their repeating personal conflicts, though, without outside interruption.

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    It is a really great idea, snail, but I really don't think arguments that get personal should be in this forum at all. If they should go anywhere, they should be in private messages, not in a public area that also adds gold / post count for making personal attacks. Exposing arguments to the public to prevent dishonesty is a good idea too, but I think it will only rile up other observers.
    I apologize if I'm completely missing the point of this thread [and if I am, I'll delete this post], I just don't think it would solve any of the deeper issue[s] (debates getting too personal).

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    Well, personal attacks are against the forum rules, in general, but personal debates aren't. When I see the same sets of people repeatedly butting heads in the other threads, it makes me want to avoid those threads. If they did it here, it wouldn't be as disruptive.

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    The butting of heads also makes me want to avoid those threads, and I am not trying to undermine this idea, I'm just trying to say that anything that gets too personal shouldn't be allowed, period. May I ask though, what's the difference between a personal attack and a personal debate? The level of "civility" in the arguments?

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    JoeMetallic challenges Snail to a battle.

    On the grounds that you are too sexy

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    Snail accepts the challenge.

    What exactly are we debating? My presumed "sexiness?" This should be over in about two posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snail View Post
    Snail accepts the challenge.

    What exactly are we debating? My presumed "sexiness?" This should be over in about two posts.
    Your obvious sexiness, of course. What are you saying, that I'm a "two-pump-chump?"

    hee hee


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    If I said that, it would be a personal attack. I am merely saying that I posted photos of myself in other threads, and those should serve as evidence against your argument.

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