Pottermore results - Hogwarts house, Ilvermorny, patronus etc

Pottermore results - Hogwarts house, Ilvermorny, patronus etc

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    Pottermore results - Hogwarts house, Ilvermorny, patronus etc

    First of all, hello! I wasn't so sure of where to place this thread, so I started it here! And sorry if there's one of this already; I wanted to do my own.

    Do you know about Pottermore? Possibly, yes. It is the official website for J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter. Okay, let's ask the real questions here. What can you do on Pottermore?

    First, you can discover your wand. You can also find out your Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses, which is pretty awesome. Now, they've added a test for patronus.

    It's your time now! Tell me your personality type and your results! :)

    I'm an INFP 4w3 and I got Hufflepuff, Pukwudgie and my patronus is a ginger cat. My wand is made of sycamore, unicorn hair core, 11 ¾" and slightly springy flexibility. I got Ravenclaw 99% of times, but I don't know what happened... Still, I couldn't be disappointed.

    (I am seriously not doing promo, haha. Thank you.)
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    I'm an INFP and got Hufflepuff as well! :D I also tend to get Ravenclaw on tests sometimes too.
    I can't remember my other results though, it's been a while since I took the tests :/

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    I'm absolutely in love with my patronus. I didn't know what to expect and it was a big surprise (cats ftw!).

    Since I got Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw on Pottermore tests, I would choose Ravenclaw. Blue suits me well, haha. ♥
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    INTP and i was sorted into ravenclaw + pukwudgie, my patronus is a fox, and my wand is laurel and unicorn hair... can't remember the exact length/flexibility at the moment

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    MBTI Type: ISFP (maybe)

    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

    Patronus: Siberian Cat

    Wand: I got mine at the Wizarding World in Los Angeles, actually! It's a reed wand, 12 inches, and it's a blueish red. It's fantastic. :D

    Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird af

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    INTP 5w4 sx/sp (tritype: 549)

    Hogwarts: Ravenclaw

    Patronus: Hedgehog

    Ilvermorny: Thunderbird

    Wand: 14.5" Supple Larch Wood w/ Phoenix Core

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    INTP 9w8 sp/so

    Ravenclaw, Thunderbird and a weasel

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    Siberian Cat

    Hornbeam wood with pheonix feather core 10 3/4" supple

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    Hey I did the quiz yesterday and was very surprised to get Griffindor (although I can see it now).

    My patronus is a stag and my wand is Acacia wood with a Unicorn hair core 13 ½" and Slightly Yielding flexibility.

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    Socionics: SEE-Fi

    Enneagram: 4w3 Sx/sp

    Hogwarts house: On the old Pottermore I was a Griffindor. This time around I got Slytherin. I don't know how that happened, but I'm not completely opposed to it.

    Patronus: Ginger cat. I do like cats, but if I were to choose, it would have been something else.

    Wand: Larch wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ½" and supple flexibility (damn, that's a long wand!)

    Ilvermorny: Wampus
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