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    Excerpts from my actual twitter:

    "During the entire presentation this boy had his hand over his crotch, literally clutching at it."

    "I mean, if he was trying to hide something then my full attention was on trying to figure out what he was trying to hide."

    "The best impression is the one you make while thanking someone with a mouth full of lollipop"

    "I saw a weenie dog's weenie"

    "I find it odd how we're usually a symmetrical mass containing sets of "limbs" that are mostly strictly defined."

    ""A black lopsided infinity tattoo now faded to green"

    "La gran historia de los huevos sangrientos."

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    I still want to find out what member's head looks like a toe according to Promethea.

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    Protest to rename friend's turtle from 'Rust' to 'Bungus Bimple, the Bitey Bitch'

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    so weak and naive you could tell me the sky is green and (with enough pressure) i'd believe it

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    This isn't your first rodeo and I'm not your first pony, but I've been around the barn.

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    and how the fuck does politics work because i don't get it
    not trump politics but social politics
    everyday it's like i learn something new
    but what is new to me is obvious to everyone else
    social ineptitude can suck it
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    i know you wanna think i'm playing dumb here but really i'm just dumb

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    Speaking of social politics: unspoken social 'rules'.
    This actually irritates me a lot.
    It was last year that I learned that you are supposed to stand up when you shake someone's hand
    Fucking, why? Why must standing signify respect? How was I supposed to know this was a rule.
    Nobody talks about it.
    Next time, I'm just going to lay down on the floor and reach my arm out.
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    just skateboard into my HEART.

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