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This is a discussion on random tweet-length thoughts within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; once i got high as bawlz with my ex before the movies and in the theater i started to doze ...

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    once i got high as bawlz with my ex before the movies and in the theater i started to doze off and horniness flushed over me so i leaned over to whisper dirty words into his ear but after a minute he was like "you're not saying anything" and i was like "oh"
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    i need to dye my hair red so i can finally look as angry as i feel

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    How can a cat know where the sun is, because they often sleep in hot and sunny areas.
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    the cat is back :( my heart is literally breaking as it meows pathetically outside my window

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    Contemplating the depth and enormity of the Pacific Ocean is both calming and terrifying.
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    The people who embrace youth go through a revolving door, youth, as a concept never dies.
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    Blair Witch 2: Book Of Shadows is a really underrated movie.

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    @BlueChristmas06 Black Narcissus was the first erotic movie about nuns.

    Propaganda is always an appeal to emotion & sentiment. This isn't to say it shouldn't exist.
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    CW's Supergirl is literally Hillary Clinton propaganda. Arrow is anarcho-anti-corporatism. Odd.

    Can't stand fresh tomatoes, but cooked ones are the bomb. What does that say about me?

    I'm not smart, just a smartass.
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    Most things are blatantly obvious

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