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Happy ignorance or Miserable truth?

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This is a discussion on Happy ignorance or Miserable truth? within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Willful ignorance is one of the worst things someone can ever settle on. No matter how tempting it may be ...

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    Willful ignorance is one of the worst things someone can ever settle on. No matter how tempting it may be there is no substitute for knowing and understanding the truth.

    Here is some copypasta from my blog that I think is apt for this situation-

    I recently re-watched that classic piece of cinema that is "They Live". I'm sure most of you have seen it at some point and there's something for everyone in it. You get an entertaining sci-fi flick with some intelligent social commentary thrown in. Not to mention one of the most epic fight scenes in history. And that is what I wish to discuss here. Well sort of.

    Roddy "I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...and I'm all out of bubblegum" Piper spends a great portion of time engaged in fisticuffs with a friend of his when all he wants his friend to do is put on his glasses for a brief moment. He has seen the world as it really is. He knows certain truths that will shake the foundation of the general populace to its core if brought to the forefront. And all someone else has to do is take a quick look through his point of view. Nothing too demanding, nothing too unreasonable. Even still his friend is so adamant in his refusal, so unwilling to risk disrupting his fragile world view, that he will not consent to see another opinion.

    When you can see things as they really are and strip aside the veneer that has been cast over them it's only natural to want to let the masses in on it. Only the masses don't want to know. Too many people are too content in not wearing the glasses and viewing the world through their rose colored irises. Knowledge and truth are scary things to some people. So scary that being made aware of such would completely raze the walls of delusion they had spent a lifetime building up.

    If you have a pair of glasses then don't take them off. Do what you can to get other people to put them on once in a while. But spending all day doing battle with someone to get them to try and wear them when they adamantly refuse is just an exercise in futility. Some people just can't - or won't - be convinced. Let them go around with their invisible blindfolds, but for the sake of your own enlightenment wear the damn glasses.

    "This arises first and foremost because with man everything is powerfully intensified by thinking about absent and future things, and this is in fact the origin of care, fear and hope. Which, once they have been aroused, make a far stronger impression on men than do actual present pleasures or sufferings, to which the animal is limited."
    ~Arthur Schopenhauer

    Those who rely on nothing but base senses to take in the world are no different from any other lower life form.
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    I always go with the miserable truth.

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    I'll take truth any day, no matter how painful it is to hear. The truth has a way of catching up and when it does, I'll be irked about being deceived because that's one of my pet-peeves. It will probably bother me more than the pain of whatever the truth is and the deception will only add insult to the injury.

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    I'm just going to say it as this thread has survived still, honestly when I read most of these replies I think to myself that these people are lying to themselves, they have no idea what they really want and that they are just really a bunch of hypocrites.

    Hows that for truth? You can say I don't know you, that you are unique, but the fact is your not. We are all virtually the same, and I doubt that anyone here would still not lie to another to spare them some pain. So chastise me if you will for speaking my mind. I think it is just you are most all already living partially in the blissful ignorance of your own lies.

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