Why are personality traits important for any person?

Why are personality traits important for any person?

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This is a discussion on Why are personality traits important for any person? within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; As said every person have his own personality. We meet and face many person in daily life and we understand ...

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    Why are personality traits important for any person?

    As said every person have his own personality. We meet and face many person in daily life and we understand them on the bases of their personally traits or our perception.

    We can see around everyone has Signs of Genius or Artist and other area.

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    Well, what makes personality important is what it represents. What would you say personality is? Do all personality traits have anything in common. I contend that they do.

    All personality is related to emotion. Even the foolish nervous logical types (like me) are actually using emotion. The emotion in that case, analysis, is ALWAYS fear.

    Anyway, personality is all emotion.

    All emotions are just parts of love. That is all they are. They are nothing else.

    Any given trait or action has MEANING only with emotion, with love. When I say love that can include evil, because all emotion is love. Evil is just the lowest most incorrect use of emotion and love.

    All personality traits represent virtues. You cannot name one that is not tied to a virtue. It is impossible.

    Therefore each of us is a mix of virtues but that is not the critical thing to realize. In fact that truth is a distraction from the great truth. Love is the great truth. But love is ALL virtues at the same time, integrated. That means this, and this is critical: Personality shows us how we are bent. That means it shows us where we are good enough, or trying well, and where we are failing to show love properly.

    An organized person, based in fear, may lack the spine to challenge, based in anger. Sure, they are doing OK as a planner, but they are failing to be heroic, to challenge, and frankly, truthfully, THAT MATTERS. No one gets an excuse for not integrating ALL virtues. No one is trying hard enough. Perfection is elusive, but we must try. There is no other moral choice, no other loving choice.

    Love is anger. Love is fear. And love is desire; all three balanced. You can deny this, but you will fail. It is these three things. People love to deny (in anger and fear) that love contains anger and fear. Love has all meaning. It has anger, and it has fear. It does not matter what people think or believe. Truth and love alone matter.

    Yes, everyone seems to have things they are good at. But if you think anyone is perfect, you are wrong. Morality and loving acts are the hardest think to do of all. The MOST loving thing is the maximum anger, fear, and desire; perfectly balanced. This is not intuitively obvious. But it is a golden truth. Each emotion restrains the other and if balanced the result is love. Tip the scale even slightly in any direction and you may be a genius, but you are imbalanced, and have room to grow. All of us do.

    Do not laud genius overmuch, nor condemn those who lack it overmuch.

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    I would say it's because individual self-expression is important for the purpose of a soul's growth and it's also important for a person to feel fulfilled. If a person isn't living true to themselves, they will feel the consequences of it. They will probably feel less joyful, less alive, less grounded. I think we all inwardly yearn to develop ourselves and become more in tune with ourselves rather than lie dormant. That would be rather boring. The most simplest thing I can say is for the sheer stimulation/joy involved in it.

    On another note, I would say that self-expression or the way my personality presents, is what allows me to learn and understand myself. So I think that's another reason why personality is important. It allows a person to know and understand more about who they are. How can you really ever know yourself if you don't develop and experiment with certain traits here and there in your own way? I think everyone is meant to reach their highest potential in this regard. Without the choice to develop certain traits, this would be impossible to do. But even your choice in what traits you choose (or choose not to choose) to develop says something about who you currently are or where you're at growth wise.

    I think people are complex and have many aspects of their soul/being/personality that they might not truly tap into completely or discover in this lifetime. That doesn't mean it's any less apart of them though even if it's buried deep. You can mine in one area for growth or another but I think overall, there are certain characteristics that define that person more than others. Of course I believe biology and our environment/experiences play a part in shaping us as well but the body is a temporary thing and the soul is permanent. I believe that the body combined with a person's eternal soul and how that manifests (based on choices and circumstance) is part of what makes that person's personality in each lifetime.

    I'd also think it's important to have a variety of personalities for the purpose of growth. When you're in a relationship with someone or simply interact with someone, they often act as a mirror to yourself, a sharpener, an opportunity to learn, grow and to foster love and joy -- all of which are important to our well-being.
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