Which Types Are Mature And Which Are Youthful?

Which Types Are Mature And Which Are Youthful?

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This is a discussion on Which Types Are Mature And Which Are Youthful? within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I recently read a comment by a member who mentioned that some types were overly mature for their age. It ...

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    Which Types Are Mature And Which Are Youthful?

    I recently read a comment by a member who mentioned that some types were overly mature for their age.

    It got me wondering whether there is a correlation between either Temperaments or random MBTI types that have some commonality with an apparent youthful or mature aspect to them?

    For example, I know people say to me IRL that I don't act in a way that reflects my age - they seem to think I have the care-free attitude of a younger person. I guess it helps that I look younger than I am too.
    I'm an ENTP.

    Then again, I can remember working with a male who was aged in his mid 20's who expressed such a serious and wise approach to life well beyond their lived experiences.

    My own thinking is that the four Temperaments do reflect some levels of maturity or youthful expressions.
    The SJ's in particular seem to be highly developed in their sense of morals and ethics from a very young age amd maintain it throughout life.
    By comaprison, SP's tend to be all about the experience and living in the moment - whether they're young or old.

    Obviously i'm generalising with those examples, but does anybody get where i'm coming from?
    Can you elaborate on which individual types or Temperaments display a correlation towards levels of maturity or youthfulness?
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    In general, the sterotype is that ExxP are more carefree / youthful whilst IxxJ's are more serious.
    When I got really into forums at around 14, people thought I was a male in my late teens/early 20's. I seemed older/wiser than I was. As I get older however people imagine that I'm much younger than I am. I think as I get older, I get more childish/care-free/playful which is probably an inferior Ne thing. I wonder if this would be the same for inferior Se users? I do notice that the INTJ's I know seem serious when younger and more carefree when older?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JennyJukes View Post
    In general, the sterotype is that ExxP are more carefree / youthful whilst IxxJ's are more serious.
    I totally agree with you JJ.

    Compare the obvious playfulness and seriousness between the ESTP and ISTJ - both of whom are Sensor Doms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenty View Post
    Youthful: ENFJ
    Quote Originally Posted by Clare_Bare View Post
    I recently read a comment by a member who mentioned that some types were overly mature for their age.
    I'm an ENFJ and I embrace everything youthful and childlike, but I feel that I was "overly mature for my age" when I was a child. When my family couldn't afford a toy I wanted, I never made a fuss because I was aware that they would buy it if they could. When my teachers gave me a poor grade, I never complained because I acknowledged that they are just doing their job. So on and so forth...

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    I feel as though I am the most mature immature person I know

    It’s hard

    I think Js off the surface come off more mature based on external organization and composition
    I mean a lot of what maturity is based on superficially are J characteristics

    Look closer at a J another time off the surface and in some cases while they can be externally more composed and mature in instances they can at times in isolated incidents be extremely emotionally immature.

    While Ps can be blatantly immature off the surface by majority of instances as far as composure.
    I.e. typical regimented adulting type of kind of thing in some ways
    But Ps at times can be steadfast because of their flexibility and able to handle some situations better

    For example you take someone like an ESTP it’s a mixed bag of nuts
    The guy I have been seeing (ENFJ) who wakes at 7am with or without an alarm and irons his shirts daily
    Likened my lifestyle to that of a teenager (Lol)
    He is referring to the twenty times I push snooze and protest to planning outside work, or my leaving my clothing in smashed up balls

    Well yeah off the surface he would clearly look more mature
    Er hold up
    Now change the view for example a misunderstanding in communicating taking place. If I confront one thing he has then followed up by reverting to pulling irrelevant topics unrelated and never previously confronted. IE those tactics are very emotionally immature

    Another example unrelated to above
    So like me as an ESTP is a literal walking contradiction as far as who you know in what setting
    I can run around naked and dance on a table among friends
    While displaying an entirely separate and more refined image in front of say my kids
    I can be completely chill and laid back at home with low push and go into the work place and be a cordial diplomatic person (yes) but a tough bitch who does not let much slide. I highly doubt most people in my work place view of me is immature. Loved or hated in many instances. Respect or thinking I am a bitch, sure but not immature.

    All depends on the view.

    I think we all have our area where we would be stronger vs weaker even with maturity

    Yes of course Js by average are going to be more structured and controlled and organized hence delivering on traits which align with maturity.
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