Different Types of Vegans

Different Types of Vegans

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    Different Types of Vegans

    The Vegans aren't some sort of organized religion or monolith, we don't all know each other or attend Black Mass before we burn down a McDonald's under the New Moon.

    People are vegan for different reasons. Even more reasons than you probably know. Even when veganism was more obscure, there were elderly 7th Day Adventists in California who had been vegan since childhood, who knew what a Loma Linda Big Frank was but had never been to a Minor Threat concert nor contemplated the complex social hijinks of the newly formed PETA who were in court winning freedom for tortured apes in labs in the early 80s.

    Yes, I'm telling you that there were lifelong vegan grandmas as far back as the 1970s, and none of them had heard of Animal Libertarian Front.

    1) The Religious Vegan - the first vegans were religious people. Probably in East Asia and Northern Africa. In the US in recent history it was the 7th Day Adventists mentioned above. They also don't smoke or drink, but this is separate from being straight edge.

    2) Straight Edge Vegans - the popular loud punk vegans from the 80s and 90s who saw fit to strike terror in the hearts of meat eaters. The lead singer of Vegan Reich brought his Muslim upbringing to the vegan movement in a sort of vegan jihad. I really like the guy, he became a dad and a music producer and wrote the song No One is Innocent which I love. This man would probably be assassinated today for combining Islam with Straight Edge Vegan punk in the late 80s, but he's actually quite rational and successful. These are generally the vegans that meat eaters imagine when they call us sociopaths or whatever. To the contrary, the Straight Edge punk movement brought a necessary gravity and toughness to veganism necessary to any real social movement.

    3) PETA Vegans - Ok what most people don't understand about PETA is that they don't care if you like them. They have one of the best legal teams in the nation and win battles against BIG entities, like universities doing animal testing, factory farms, circuses, fashion houses, etc. PETA is in the business of changing culture from the top down. They fry the big guys, they don't give a crap if a history teacher in Idaho hates them. They aren't PR for the vegan movement. They're the corporate, global legal force. And their shenanigans are intentionally histrionic to draw attention to veganism to make people think and see what is happening. They also spay and neuter pets of poor rural communities in Appalachia for free and legally rescue animals. They've also been instrumental in mainstreaming what it means to be vegan. You know...vegan fast food, vegan junk food, vegan alcohol...PETA has made it ok to be vegan and a secular materialistic American. Whatever you think of that its quite different from what religious vegans and straight edge punks were saying, as "extreme" as PETA may seem to you, they ironically have been instrumental in normalizing veganism.

    4) The Reasonable Vegan - Or 21st century vegan. Reasonable vegans had to be convinced by science on their health, climate change or evolution and animal sentience to become vegans. They are notorious for saying "Vegan facts and logic destroy carnist nonsense every time." Some have nutrition degrees, others environmental science degrees, and still others write vegan philosophy like the books Carnism and The Vegan Studies Project. We needed these people desperately, since they can calmly explain veganism in a calm enlightened way to the great unwashed. Their fatal flaw is their ludicrous belief that most people can be convinced by science and reason as well. Actually the smallest number of vegans are these reasonable vegans. The average human is actually convinced more frequently by shock, shame, social norming, and pleasure (see: PETA who understands this like a boss; reasonable vegans though are stubbornly ashamed of PETA).

    5) Vanity Vegans - I can't say much about these people. They are vegan to get attention on YouTube or get skinny for a bikini. They can be arguably doing more harm than good to the veganism BUT some women as young girls were attracted to vanity vegans but later became PETA or Reasonable or other types of vegans with maturity. Sadly though I think they're the minority. Vanity Vegans cause people to incorrectly associate veganism with eating disorders, passing fads, and narcissism.

    6) Born Vegan - these people are much more common now than even ten years ago, many are Gen Z, though there are Gen Xers like Joaquin Phoenix who has been vegan since age three, they are much more rare. Now it's just like yeah some people come from vegan families now and they are not Adventists. Wild.

    7) Health Vegans - like Vanity Vegans but usually older and less dangerous in their diets. They're also more likely to stay vegan. And some later become passionate about animals or climate change. Unfortunately some think of veganism as a diet, and that's wrong.

    8) Ethical Vegans - your garden variety animal rights person who probably sits beside you on the bus completely undetected. Some are really pacifist, some are afraid to push their beliefs on others, and still others break into factory farms at night and free herds of pigs. You probably see some giving farm animals drinks of bottled water on your Facebook feed, or see a teenager in the library with Mercy for Animals and Follow Your Heart pins on their backpack.

    9) Climate Change Vegans - the newest group invested in Beyond Meat and worked their way slowly to vegan from flexitarian. Some are scientists. Some are simply parents who will tell you the main reason they are vegan is for their children. Climate change vegans can of course overlap with Reasonable vegans, Straight Edge vegans, PETA vegans and garden variety Ethical vegans. A few started as Health or Vanity vegans...like Freelee the Banana Girl. Now the environment is her main deal. She does not shave or wear make up anymore. People can change.

    10) Etc - there's other sorts of vegans with subtle differences or maybe something I've forgotten. Including Faux Vegans. Faux Vegans are usually internet personalities who later say they are Ex Vegans and form a sick identity of bashing vegans or veganism. A lot of them are people who have glaringly obvious eating disorders or personality disorders and are looking for someone to blame. Or they're narcissistic and looking to profit (see: Vanity Vegans). In this Etc catch all I'd also include Anti Natalist vegans who think humans should go extinct since we are so dangerous to the planet and other animals (no really, they are like pro abortion, and they say stuff like "what if you and your kids are vegan but then your grandchildren kill animals it's your fault for breeding at all!11"). Another group is Intersectional Vegans. They try to convince their fellow social justice warriors that veganism is also a race and gender issue. Well, it certainly can be, but it's debatable if it inherently is.


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