Intelligence! Do you feel dumb or smart? Does it matter?

Intelligence! Do you feel dumb or smart? Does it matter?

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This is a discussion on Intelligence! Do you feel dumb or smart? Does it matter? within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Hi PerC. After ruminating on the state of my brain, I thought it worth a post about intelligence. Do you ...

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    Intelligence! Do you feel dumb or smart? Does it matter?

    Hi PerC. After ruminating on the state of my brain, I thought it worth a post about intelligence.

    Do you feel dumb more often than you feel smart? Does this feeling affect how dumb or smart you think you are? Does intelligence matter at all for your well-being? Does de-valuing intelligence indicate a wider wisdom?

    I ask because I used to value intelligence far, far more than I value it today. When I was in high school, I aspired to be intelligent, to amass knowledge, and to use this knowledge to further my goals. Since then, I've found that knowledge of that sort has less value to me. At the time, it was necessary for purposes of scoring well on all the right tests, getting into the right schools, and so on. Today, I am often dumber than my peers in tangible ways (gaming has shown me this many times over), but it has less effect on my emotions.

    However, when I allow this supposed deficiency to reach my emotions, the effect is devastating. So if I make a bad play while in a certain mood, the rest of the game is forfeit in my mind, and I just feel sour.

    But when I game in another mood, winning or losing couldn't matter less. I only care about everyone having a good time. Does this attitude reflect approaching a greater wisdom, or simply a change in perspective?
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    In my case, I consider myself to be relatively smart; except in math-related areas (on which I suck so hard). However, I also used to be like you; trying to amass as much knowledge as I could, and, I completely left out certain important parts of myself that required development. It's only until fairly recently that I've put myself to the task of developing them; and, to be honest; I feel even smarter now than I felt before, because I'm more balanced intelectually; being able not only to answer questions regarding knowledge, but also being able to empathize with people and being more able and willing to help them out with whatever it is they're feeling; instead of running to the hills like I used to.

    In my opinion, I like to think this change of attitutde is a greater wisdom. There's no more sourness or anger, just a calm peace that allows you to experience life in a more fascinating and exciting way; you realize that the things that you one held the most important, aren't relevant at all. And, it feels so good.

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    This was such a deep and introspective post that I never saw it leading into gaming...who'd of thunk? LoL

    Intelligence, with no other determining words, is quite the global term. In general, it is far more important to me now than it was during school (I was a rebel of sorts). It is important when speaking on subjects that my opinion be valued and taken seriously. When intelligence and knowledge on any given subject is questioned, it causes the opinion or word of the questioned to not be taken seriously.

    All that said, "book smarts" is far less important to me than wisdom and, IMO, they are not one in the same. Book smarts as "learned"...wisdom is "experienced". You can read all you want about love through well written, extremely detailed accounts from wise authors. You've gained no wisdom regarding love by doing so though. Use what you learn as a guide, but true wisdom will be gained when you've lived with and experienced love. When you've made mistakes with love and grown from them. When you've regretted decisions in love and seen first hand what these decisions did to affect you and the one you love(d).

    Gaming is similar in that, I can explain how to play a game thoroughly with full details on situations that occur during gameplay and how to overcome them. You will still not pick up a controller and be an expert gamer, no matter how hard you studied or how well I explained the game in question.

    For me, the only ignorance that bothers me is the ignorance left after a potential lesson, be it through my own experience or experience/wisdom shared, due to both stubbornness and an unopened mind.

    Hopefully, that makes sense :)
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    Intelligence is relative to what you are measuring. I've always felt intelligent on most things, but I've learned that if you choose any person, that person can most likely do at least a few things better than I can, and I can do a fair number of things better than they can. Some of the most incredible geniuses in the world are lost when it comes to a social situation for example...look at savants.

    Albert Einstein had a really profound quote that hit home with me “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

    People can develop skills. I used to believe that people were born with certain natural talents. I still believe that to a certain extent, if you are 5' you probably aren't going to be an NBA star for example, but I have come to realize that the vast majority of talents can be developed if you are willing to work at it.

    This was an eye opening book for me on how the brain forms and why practice does in fact make you better.
    The Talent Code
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    I am diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Disorders of Reading and Written Expression. My IQ is in the 99th percentile, but my reading comprehension speed is in the 1st percentile (4th Grade). I feel both smart and dumb. For the longest time I thought I was dumb because I had trouble communicating with others (still do). The riddle I usually pose is that I am not overly knowledgeable and thus not very book smart; I am too naive to be street smart; what kind of smart am I?

    I don't think de-valuing intelligence indicates a measure of wisdom. I think people need to remove the value judgments they perceive when the word or concept of intelligence is thrown around. Sure there are smug, arrogant and ignorant "intelligent" people, but that should not lessen the overall significance of intelligence.
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    I R too smart to dumb dumb.

    l like that girl in yer avatar IS SHE ANGELA
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    Quote Originally Posted by OMG WTF BRO View Post
    I R too smart to dumb dumb.

    l like that girl in yer avatar IS SHE ANGELA
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    Certain aspects of ones character are more of an indication of success in life than intellect. It's said that a genius needs to have an innate high ability to abstract, but past a certain threshold, it holds no further correlation. The remaining part of the equation has to do with environmentally dependent variables, such as the development of character.

    Two that pop out to me, in what you mentioned, are confidence, and resiliency. They are quite important to be successful in this life. As for "book smarts". I stopped highly valuing... well, at least traditional ways of being "educated", far back in grade school. I think insight trumps wisdom, trumps intuition, trumps knowledge, trumps route memorization.

    The people who are insightful and have attained a high degree of wisdom have my full attention in a room of PHD's, MD's, and supposedly "influential" baboons.
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    That's simply not what talent is. Talent is innate potential markedly beyond the norm. Skill level can be improved, but you'll always have the base of natural ability.

    Think of talent and skill as variables that multiply to give you ability. If you start out with a talent of 4, but do hardly any work (1), you'll have less ability than someone with a talent of 2, but a lot of discipline improving the skill (6) needed for ability of the task at hand.

    The first is 4X1, and the second is 2X6. 12 is greater than 4, so the hard work trumps the innately superior (though not all too high) talent.

    You also see people who have higher talent than their peers, sometimes put in less work, and still outperform everyone else. In this case, the gap between talent of said individual, and each other, is greater than the gap between work performed to develop skill. or say 9x4 vs 1-3X5-9 the talented kid who slacks ends up with 36, where as the group may range from a low of 5 to a high of 27.
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    Most of the time I feel dumb. I know I am compared to most people, but I like to learn.
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