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What is your earliest memory?

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This is a discussion on What is your earliest memory? within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; My first memory I think is me chasing an old cat I had through the living room. (I believe I ...

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    My first memory I think is me chasing an old cat I had through the living room. (I believe I was 3)

    I can't remember much detail, I just remember having my hands outstretched attempting to catch an old cat of mine and running after it through the living room at my old house. From what I can remember the sun was shining through the window.. I'm not 100% certain though.

    Right before I turned 6 I think is when I started to remember most of my life. Some of my memories from grade 1 are still so sharp in my mind it's kind of weird. Before then though I only get tidbits of memory. I can remember a lot of grade 1, but not so much kindergarten..

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    My first memory is from when I was nearly three. My brother had just been born and my parents had brought him home. They brought a present with them, which they said was from my brother and I remember being really excited and wanting to play with him and open the present. It was a plastic kitchen set-up which made noises when you 'used' the cooker and that really scared me as cookers didn't make the angry noise that the toy made.
    I also remember being disappointed when I found out I couldn't play with my new brother because he was too young.
    My says that the next week, I put him in a box as I decided I didn't like him.

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    I was 3-1/2. My mom drove me to Philadelphia for a mini-vacation and so she could take me to Sesame Place.

    Memory: The weather was bad but my mom drove me to the parking lot and we sat in the car in the empty parking lot in torrential rain. Then she took me to an outlet mall and bought me a stuffed dog that I named Butterscotch.

    Then I went through a period where my memories are scattered (from about age 4-9)...probably blocked it out due to some traumatic experiences. There were things that happened that my little sisters (5 years younger) could recall with perfect clarity that I have no recollection of. Sometimes their memory triggers a memory of mine, but sometimes I'm like WTF??

    I have a good memory for information, but memory of events I'm terrible with. Often I forget why I walked in a room, only to walk out again and remember 5 minutes later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Animal View Post
    Oddly enough, I am auditory all the way.. EXTREMELY auditory all my life, it's crazy. Music was my first language and I recognize people I haven't seen in a while by their voice. I can remember songs easily. But when I look back at other memories, the things I remember are less auditory and extremely visual. How strange.
    I have song memories, where I hear a song and it takes me back to an experience/event. One of my earliest was being 4 and my dad would drive me to my nanny's house about 25 minutes away and we would listen to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack cassette in his old T-Bird. The song "Hungry Eyes" I always imagined the man in the moon with carrots as eyes (yes, 4 year old logic at it's finest!). And even today, 24 years later I still briefly get that sensation when I hear the song.

    Another one is the song "She Fuckin' Hates Me" by Puddle of Mudd. I had a burnt CD that I used to listen to driving to school jr/sr year of high school and the point of the CD where this song would come on was the point in my commute where I was sitting in traffic on the road leading up to the school. To this day I still have the feeling of sitting in my car on Fulton Road in the early dawn light (my school started at 6:45, so I was often sitting in traffic around 6:30am).
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    My earliest memory goes back to the age of 2. I guess I was a clumsy toddler because I remember falling down a flight of stairs when my father came home from work, landing face first while going down the slide at the park, putting my fingers into the vents of a fan while it was on at high speed just out of dumb curiousity, learning how to ride a tricycle and peeling away chipped paint off the walls in the hallway and eating it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cossack View Post
    I get what you're trying to say, but I my memories aren't NEARLY as vivid and detailed as yours. It my just be that my Se is more developed than the average INFJ? I've watched TONS of videos explaining the different subtypes and I've related to the INFJ the most put of all of them.

    PM me if you'd like.
    Ok thanks for this. I am an ISFP with ENFJ subtype (Feeling dominant, Sensing/Intuition battling middle, Thinking rejected).

    I have been guessed INFJ in person before, but only by one individual who follows Keirsey.

    I decided I was Sensing for exactly what you say, my memories are highly detailed in a sensory way, and I garner a great deal of pleasure from sensory experience though I also like to analyze things.

    One ISTP member here accused me of being in an Fi/Ni loop on another site, saying it was ironic I said someone else was.

    But in my "real life" (what else is there, I wonder, seriously) I actually am very sensing, I am made very happy by food, wine, music, beaches, sun, air, water, showers, perfumes, sex...you get my drift.

    I think I take a lot of joy and need a lot of input with Se.

    But as Ni tert tend to also analyze a lot, which is why I show up a lot on line in these kinds of discussions.

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