Is Animal Planet your favourite?

Is Animal Planet your favourite?

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This is a discussion on Is Animal Planet your favourite? within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I watch very little tv, but what i do watch continuously is Animal Planet. I love watching it. Does this ...

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    Is Animal Planet your favourite?

    I watch very little tv, but what i do watch continuously is Animal Planet. I love watching it. Does this mean I should get into animal care? Does it show that I should do something that has something to do with animals? When I was small I wanted to be a vet, does this mean I should go for it. I know very little about working with animals but what I see on tv. Does anyone here work with animals, maybe you could tell me what you need to become someone who works with animals.

    And does your favourite TV program show who you are?

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    I may be quite OLD but I always watch Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network

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    I do enjoy Animal Planet from time to time.

    I do not work with animals as a profession at the moment though I am currently deciding a new career path where I can do such. I do work with them on a regular basis outside of my job though. Besides a strong passion for animals you will need to have an abundence of patience! lol. Is there a certain type of animal you like or have more experience with? There are many career possibilites involving animals out there:

    Veterinary Technician
    Veterinary Assistant
    Professional dog handler (these are the people you often see handling the dogs in dog shows)
    Dog trainer (there are also horse and exotic animal trainers)
    Animal Behaviorists
    Zoo keeper/worker
    Pet supply stores
    Dog daycares
    Animal shelters

    If you would like the specifics on any of those I would be more than happy to help :)

    If you have had your heart set on being a Veterinarian then there is no reason why you should not pursure it. Make sure you are weighing the pros and cons though! I too wanted to be a Vet for quite some years, once I got a bit older though I realized that, while I have a strong passion for animals in general, I would not be able to handle the downsides of the job.

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    Puppy Bowl FTW!

    I like the non-violent shows on Animal Planet. If I watch the wrong show on Animal Planet it can make me very sad.

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    I enjoy Animal Planet, sometimes I watch it with my dad. I especially love it when they have a documentary on a specific animal, that way I can learn lots about it, example gorillas.

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    I LOVE ANIMAL PLANET! I guess it's because I love nature so much, but it''s not like you can see a full grown moose right around the house (Anymore...)

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    I would choose animal planet over cartoons as a child. Now I watch some combination of Animal Planet, National Geographic, and Discovery channel.

    And if you really want to work with animals, go for it. I wouldn't suggest being a vet, however, because most people don't realize that vet school is actually harder than medical school, PLUS, you're not actually working with the animal. Yes, you're saving their life and if that's your thing go for it, but the animals is unconscious the whole time. If you want a job where you would actually bond with an animal, I wouldn't suggest being a vet.

    And I'm not just blowing this out my ass, I volunteered at a combination vet/pound. The pound part was fun, I leash-trained the dogs, played with them, formed bonds with them and so on. But in the vet area I just gave shots to unwilling candidates and held the dogs of those who had no control over their pets (idiots...).


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